Ware's Future in Jeopardy

The charge was minor. The end result might not be. At least when it pertains to Kevin Ware's future with the Redskins.

Ware, who was arrested for public intoxication, outside a Houston night club Sunday likely will find himself playing for another team this fall. That's not based on concrete evidence, just a strong, strong hunch and by how the Redskins reacted.

When the Redskins were contacted about the story, they talked about how serious it was. Yes it was bad. But there are worse things. Unless, of course, you're one of seven tight ends trying to make a roster. Then this is what could make the difference. Especially if you're playing for a coach who harps on character.

Ware was not in the best of shape anyway, or at least it appeared he had put on more than a few pounds. He had people in the organization who liked his blocking ability and who think he can help.

But there are a lot of Kevin Ware's out there, guys who can do some things well. The Redskins would prefer to find one who won't get arrested.

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