In Their Words: Donnie Warren

The ex-Redskins tight end knows what Joe Gibbs thinks about the Sean Taylor and LaVar Arrington situations. And Warren knows that Gibbs is ther perfect coach to handle them.

''This is pissing him off. This is making him mad, no question. But this is what Joe Gibbs does the best, keeping the ship afloat. There's no one going overobard. This is what makes the man tick. He understands this is a big business and he understands people are getting paid to make big plays. But at the same time this is what makes him good.

''I know the guy. He'll be in Sean Taylor's ear, calling him in for meetings, saying, 'What do we have to do to get this straightened out.' And he will get it taken care of. Whatever it needs to get him in camp and get him on board, he'll get it done.

''When players were having contract disputes he would call you in and say, 'What do you want? What will it take to get you in here? What will it take to be in here the first day of camp?' He'll say, 'I'm going to go talk to the owner. Next thing you know all of a sudden the kid is walking in the door happy as a lark. This is what Joe does best.

''On the other hand, if Taylor tries to be a guy where he says, 'I'm the No. 5 pick, I'll get what I want,' then he'll say, 'Hey, just sit out a year.' That can happen.

''But Joe can handle this. There have been a lot of people in the past who couldn't handle it. The basic thing is trust. Joe knows how to handle different people. He's a people man. He knows who he can step on hard and who he needs to stay off of. He knows who can take criticism and who can't. He gets their best out of them. It's trust. And a lot of it is the character of the people that play for him. We always knew Joe was giving every ounce in every hour in every minute in every second to football. When you see a guy put in the effort he puts in, if you've got any quality to you or any character, you want to fight for that guy.

''But if you're not a Joe Gibbs type person, you won't be there very long. Club Med is over with. I know it's a little different nowadays and once you're signed for a year and the season starts then you get paid for the whole year -- in my days you only had three games, then it was see you later. But trust me on this: he'll eat crow for a year, but he won't eat crow for two. He'll find out the players who want to perform and if you don't perform, you'll flip burgers at McDonald's.''

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