Q&A With: Laveranues Coles

The Redskins' receiver says he's not worried about his toe, even if it hasn't fully recovered after an offseason of rest.

Q: How is the toe?

A: It's fine. Of course, I never expect for it to be 100 percent right now. We're taking good care of it and it's working out for me right now.

Q: Can you be you if you're not 100 percent?

A: Of course. With the talent we have around in this offense, with Clinton coming in and Rod on the other side and D-Mac and Thrash, we have so many talented guys in the offense right now and to have a running game makes the wide receivers that much better.

Q: What gives you the most discomfort?

A: It just depends on which way I turn. If I turn the wrong way it'll get aggravated a little bit. Outside of that it's fine as far as me running straight ahead. It's just once I plant and cut and go in a different direction that I get a little pain.

Q: Are you resigned to the fact that your toe won't get any better now that camp is starting?

A: I'm out there working fine. Coach said I'm running well on film and it doesn't look like it's giving me any problems. Until it's something they can notice in my performance or I feel like I'm hurting the team, then it's not a problem.

Q: Do you think about your toe out there?

A: Game time, no. I'm focused on the job at hand. I'll deal with it when the game is over.

Q: Is your head spinning a little bit, having to learn another new scheme?

A: You go with the philosophy of the head coach. The main thing is to keep him happy. He's also our head coach and our president. As long as I keep him smiling and say the right things about him and support him, then hopefully I can keep a job.

Q: Do you worry about how many balls you'll catch?

A: It's not about how many balls you get. I know in the public eye it's about the number of catches. But we're graded individually. As long as I grade out well and the coaches see the effort I give is up to standards and I'm blocking and doing what I'm supposed to do then I'll be fine.

Q: Is it nice to put on the pads and get going?

A: It's never nice to put on pads as a player. We don't get excited about coming to camp. I haven't been doing it a long time. But after my first year I never got excited about coming to camp.

Q: How different is your role as an X receiver?

A: I'm back to my role in New York. I'm closer to the quarterback, on the shorter side of the field most of the time. It allows the quarterback to get me the ball a lot of times and allows me to run a little more.

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