The P.M. Camp Report: Day 2

Redskins fans got what they wanted Saturday when Joe Gibbs walked onto the field. The Redskins got what they wanted today when Sean Taylor walked onto the field. The rookie safety, and fifth overall pick, lasted the entire practice after missing Saturday because of a sprained knee.

And he showed no ill effects from the injury. He participated in every drill, lining up with the second defense at safety. He showed excellent range, racing over to help in coverage on a few occasions. On the last play of practice, Taylor ran over to the left sideline to help corner Ralph Brown cover wideout Gari Scott. Brown didn't need the help, but Taylor provided it, going hard at Scott. Had it been a game, Taylor might have drilled him five yards out of bounds.

It wasn't all good for Taylor. On another play, running back Clinton Portis bounced a run outside. He cut to the outside, spinning Taylor that way. Then Portis cut back inside and Taylor spun around again and waited for Portis to keep coming. Instead, Portis stopped on a dime, as if his point had been proven, and walked back to the offense as the crowd chuckled.

And another thing about Taylor: he already hates the media. After practice, several media members tried to ask him questions as he signed autographs, a common occurence. Taylor ignored every question. So we can't tell you what he thought of his first official practice.

. . . Andre Lott started at free safety alongside Matt Bowen. Lott made at least one nice play in nine-on-nine drills, covering receiver Darnerien McCants on a deep post to the end zone. Lott got excellent inside position and held it the entire way and batted the pass away. Two years ago the coaches hoped Lott would win the starting job, but he couldn't master the defense.

Ifeanyi Ohalete was with the third unit.

. . . Receiver Laveranues Coles burned corner Fred Smoot twice this afternoon. The first came on a double move in which he got open by at least five yards.

. . . Here's another thing I like about Coles: he has a knack for feeling defenders. On one pass over the middle, he sensed a potential big hit coming from a safety. So Coles slid and caught the pass, protecting his body and the ball.

. . . I like what I see of Marcus Washington in coverage. He defended well Saturday and did so again Sunday against tight end Fred Baxter. Washington batted away a Mark Brunell pass intended for Baxter.

. . . By the way, Taylor now is wearing No. 36. He'll also wear a dark visor, but it's because his eyes are sensitive to light -- that doesn't stem from the shaving cream in the face he took from LaVar Arrington.

. . . Joe Gibbs wasn't pleased again with practice.

''Right now it's rough,'' he said. ''We're not in a groove.''

We're guessing that he'll say that about most practices and that's why the Redskins will be good under him. He wants perfection and because he drives his teams, they sometimes come close to it.

. . . It's hard to imagine another defense being more conditioned than the Redskins. The entire defense did a 100-yard up-down drill. They started on one goal-line, jogging to the other side of the field. Every 10 yards or so they'd do an up-down.

And they run at a fast jog going to and from the fields.

''I feel like Forrest Gump,'' Arrington said as he ran between fields.

. . . Arrington had a burgundy towel dangling from his uniform with the words LaVar Leap on them in gold. He also has a car with the words QB Killa 56 written on the hood. Say this much for him: he loves being LaVar. And I can't say that I blame him.

Arrington is having as much fun as it seems like he ever has. Maybe he really has put the $6.5 million situation behind him.

. . .Wonder what kickers do during practice? While the other units worked on two different fields, the kickers threw deep passes to one another on the newly re-sodded field. We can say that Kevin Stemke throws a nice spiral. But it seemed John Hall had a stronger arm, even if his ball wobbled a bit.

. . . Injuries: End Phillip Daniels missed practice with an abdominal strain, an injury that could sideline him for a couple days. It's bothered him since an earlier minicamp. Regan Upshaw took his place with the first unit at right end.

. . . Receiver Cliff Russell tweaked a hamstring and could be out a couple days.

. . . H-back Mike Sellers did not practice, but his sprained ankle is much improved.

. . . One of the biggest ovations came when McCants hauled in a deep ball -- against no defense. On the same drill, Rod Gardner dropped a ball, prompting some in the crowd to yell that he should be traded. Tough crowd.

. . . Former Redskin Jeff Bostic was at practice today and will be here through Tuesday.

. . . The Redskins cut tight end Sean Brewer.

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