The P.M. Camp Report: Day 3

Puddles, courtesy of a mid-afternoon downpour, surrounded the AstroTurf field, turning it into a little island. It also made it slippery and a bit wet for the players -- Laveranues Coles in particular.

Coles got all wet while racing for a Mark Brunell pass in the back of the end zone, beating Ade Jimoh. But Coles ran through the puddle, stumbled and landed on a bank just above the water, which was nearly knee deep in some areas.

As he jogged back to the huddle, running backs coach Earnest Byner shouted to him, ''You'll be on TV tonight!''

''But for the wrong reasons,'' Coles replied. Then he told Rod Gardner, ''I saw [the water] at the last second.''

And receivers coach Stan Hixon admitted his heart nearly stopped as he saw Coles enter the water.

''It scared the heck out of me,'' Hixon said.

Safety Matt Bowen wasn't bothered by the water when he picked off a Gibran Hamdan pass in the flat. He splashed through it then spiked the ball in it.

. . . The annual officials meeting was today, where officials meet with the team and later reporters to discuss rules changes or points of emphasis for the season.

A big point of emphasis will be defensive holding by the secondary as well as the no contact after five yards rule. They'll be looking for defensive backs grabbing onto jerseys after the five yards, particularly in the preseason. A rule of thumb for officials is that if a DB tugs on a jersey, but the quarterback already is throwing to the other side of the field, they won't throw a flag. But if the QB hasn't thrown the ball yet, they will.

Also, there will be a 15-yard penalty if two or more players celebrate in what appears to be a scripted routine. For example: if a receiver who scores a TD poses while a teammate snaps a pretend picture, that'll be a flag.

And if a player whips out a hard object -- like a Sharpie pen -- that will lead to an automatic ejection and a 15-yard penalty. A soft object, like a sign, would lead to a 15-yard penalty.

. . . Receiver Taylor Jacobs pulled a groin in practice this morning. No word yet on how much time he'll miss.

. . . More attention to detail: The Redskins have hired a former league replay official to sit in their coaches booth and help with determining when to contest a call. They're the only team in the league to do so, but look for it to start a trend.

. . .Overheard line, after Laveranues Coles told a teammate he was from Jacksonville, the player -- whom we couldn't identify -- replied, ''Florida or Mississippi?''

. . . Guard Randy Thomas, tackle Jon Jansen and tackle Pita Elisara stayed after practice and ran sprints, then did a series of situps.

. . . Earnest Byner on running back Ladell Betts: ''He's as gifted as any player we have. . . . If he gets his opportunity, he will shine.'' The problem is this: Clinton Portis. If Portis is healthy, Betts won't get many opportunities.

But Byner liked that after getting leveled by a Matt Bowen hit this morning, Betts reacted well. Two plays later he did exactly what was asked on the play and wasn't consumed with getting back at Bowen. That's what Byner liked.

Portis did something similar this afternoon. He failed to block LaVar Arrington on a blitz. But one play later Arrington came again and Portis stood his ground, punching his arms out and riding Arrington out of the play.

. . . The Redskins will hold a closed walk-through Tuesday morning and will practice at a local high school Tuesday night. That session is open only to beat reporters.

. . . Arrington is being used all over the place, just as expected. In some ways it's like how Gregg Williams used Jevon Kearse in Tennessee along the line. Teams were never quite sure where Kearse would line up and rush from.

. . . Byner is one of the best guys to talk interview. And Joe Gibbs told an anecdote about running into Richie Petitbon at a restaurant. Petitbon told him to hire Byner.

. . . Kurt Gouveia is spending a few weeks here as an assistant coach. Then he'll return to Hawaii, where he serves as a volunteer assistant. His son is trying to walk on at Hawaii, where he'll also try to play baseball.

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