Q&A With: Joe Theismann

He visited Redskins Park on Wednesday and he likes what he's seen.

Q: How did Joe Gibbs keep his message fresh during his first time here?

A: He makes practice fun. It's one thing to stand up in the meeting and tell people you've been around for nine or 10 years. He makes it enjoyable. Everyone's working. you'll notice out there now no one is standing around. Everyone is paying attention. Everyone is doing something. Everyone's focusing. I've been out here in practice the last couple years and you never see anyone that organized. They're running [seven offensive players against a ghost defense] and watch every head behind him is watching what's going on. That's the difference.

Q: What do you like about Clinton Portis?

A: I like everything: his quickness, his ability to catch the ball, his ability to run inside and outside. I'm still scratching my head a little bit about why the deal was made. Why is he out of Denver? I don't know the answer to that question and I don't know if anyone does. Mike's been able to roll running backs through there pretty well. I'm curious to ask him why [he made the trade]. Clinton comes at a perfect time when this team didn't have a big-time back. Plus he has an explosiveness about him. The game is about big plays. How many big plays can you make? Clinton gives you that ability.

Q: Brunell or Ramsey?

A: I don't think the paycheck will determine this. It depends on how well they run the huddle, how well they perform. If Patrick plays well enough to earn the job he'll have it. If Mark plays well enough to earn the job he'll have it. Either way the Redskins are fortunate to have two quarterbacks. There aren't too many teams that have one quarterback go an entire season. Use the Falcons as an example of what happens when you don't have one. Use the Dolphins as an example of when you lose one. They struggled with Brian Griese and then Ray Lucas. The Redskins are in a very good situation from a personnel standpoint at quarterback.

Q: How many wins is this staff worth?

A: A good staff is worth three wins. A quarterback who can make plays is worth two.

Q: So we're up to 10 wins from last year?

A: I would think so. Especially when you think about what happened in Dallas [Wednesday]. They have a 41-year-old quarterback as their starter and he can't go a 16-game season. They're kidding themselves.

Q: Do you think they'll take a step backwards?

A: I never believe a Bill Parcells will take a step backward. I just think it's going to be a lot for his team to overcome mentally and physically.

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