The A.M. Camp Report: Day 10

As everyone else went through individual drills, or worked with the special teams, linebacker LaVar Arrington worked on the side with his coach, Dale Lindsey. It was a necessary 10-minute session. The focus: Arrington's footwork, particularly when he takes on blocks.

That's been a weakness of Arrington's in his first four years. But it's not often that a coach was spotted working with him off to the side. Surely, he's been told by other coaches how to take on blocks.

But it hasn't always made a difference. Lindsey played in the NFL for the Cleveland Browns and knows what he's talking about. So he worked with Arrington at stepping correctly and thrusting his arms in the proper place (under the pads).

As Lindsey said, ''I'm more interested in your footwork.'' He wanted Arrington to focus on taking the proper steps -- if the blocker steps to his right, Arrington must lead with his right foot, etc. And Lindsey made sure his base wasn't too narrow, or too wide.

Just another example of the teaching that's occured during practices. It can take players a while before certain lessons set in, but give both sides credit for trying to make it work.

. . . Despite what was written by one paper who's insider is rarely at practice, DB Garnell Wilds does have a chance to make the team. Why? Special teams. Wilds was with the No. 1 kick coverage unit against Denver.

Coach Danny Smith loves him and says he's ahead of the game because he played for Frank Beamer at Virginia Tech. That's not to say Wilds will make the roster, but he does have a decent chance.

. . . Receiver Gari Scott has made an impression, too. Give the kid credit for learning. He caught a touchdown pass on a fade route by executing perfect technique. He remained patient coming off the line, making sure to fake inside, then shoot back outside. A less patient wideout would have just raced right to the fade route and would not have been open.

Scott and John Simon worked on catching punts this morning.

. . . Once again, 16 Redskins sat out workouts this morning, including end Phillip Daniels, defensive tackle Brandon Noble, returner Chad Morton, linebacker Mike Barrow and receiver Laveranues Coles.

You also have to wonder about running back Ladell Betts, who can never seem to stay healthy. I've always thought he could be decent, but he needs to stay healthy. And he hasn't.

. . . Cliff Russell didn't practice again, either. His Redskins career has to be coming to an end.

. . . The first punt coverage unit (excluding the gunners): Shawn Springs, Ron Warner, Marcus Washington, Ethan Albright, Antonio Pierce, Lemar Marshall and Ifeanyi Ohalete. Smith praised Ohalete after one snap.

. . . With practice no longer open, it was very quiet at Redskins Park. One thing that's nice: no VIP's. The presence of them became intrusive to many and don't be surprised if that's one reason Joe Gibbs opts to hold training camp elsewhere next summer. That's based on nothing but a hunch. But Gibbs hates distractions and the sidelines were swarming with VIP's throughout camp. Considering I live 20 minutes from Redskins Park, I hope he stays here.

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