Training Camp Report: Day 13

Defensive coordinator Gregg Williams wants to see his rookie safety get beat. He wants Sean Taylor to understand just how fast receivers are in the NFL. And he wants him to get that lesson very soon.

Williams said Taylor has been beaten deep on a couple occasions in practice, but it's evident that it hasn't happened much in his past. In college, Taylor's speed matched that of most receivers, giving him a huge edge at safety.

''I don't know how many people could outrun him,'' Williams said.

So he wants Taylor to learn how to gauge a player's speed, and not to underestimate how fast they can be. Because if he does that during a regular-season game, it could cost them. Williams even said he might line Taylor up against Miami's Chris Chambers this weekend, giving him a taste of a fast wideout.

''We want him to respect the speed in this league,'' Williams said.

As for Taylor's progress, Williams is pleased. He's still working with the second team, but he's improving.

''He's doing well physically, but no one has questions of his physical gifts,'' Williams said. ''But he has to get into the flow of the verbage and the terminology. He has to be more vocal in his calls. But even the novices can see that he's pretty gifted.''

. . . Linebacker Mike Barrow didn't practice again and he won't talk about his injuries. So when a TV reporter asked if he had a minute, he replied, ''Talk to someone who practiced.''

Defensive coordinator Gregg Williams said he's not worried about Barrow's absence, as long as they can get two games out of him. But it's always a concern when a player misses this much time in practice, especially when it's a 34-year-old linebacker.

. . . Seventeen Redskins missed practiced this afternoon, after a bunch missed it this morning. Among the sidelined this morning for the full-pad workout: Clinton Portis, Laveranues Coles, John Hall, Cornelius Griffin, Rashad Bauman and Antonio Pierce. Oh, yeah, and Cliff Russell didn't practice. Again.

This afternoon, the newcomers to the sidelined list include Chris Samuels, Rod Gardner, Darnerien McCants, Kenyatta Jones and Brandon Noble.

. . . Linebacker LaVar Arrington also wasn't in a talkative mood after practice this morning, blaming it on what he called a ''physical practice.''

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