Q&A With: Sean Taylor

The Redskins' rookie hasn't talked with many reporters, but he spoke to us about how his first couple weeks of camp are going. He also talked about starting and his contract situation.

Q: How do you feel you're progressing?
A: I'm always hard on myself and there's still a lot for me  learn. I'm taking steps in the right direction. It's not all bad and everything I'm doing isn't all great. There's always something to get better in. Just progressing is what's most important.

Q: What are you most pleased about?
A: I don't know. I'm really never satisifed until it's a full product.

Q: How close do you feel you are to being where you want to be?
A: I've got a lot of work. That's just how I feel. I've got a lot of work. Right now I'm trying to get the system under my belt and do what I an do from there. As far as being the player I want to be, I want to be a great player. And being great takes some effort. I'm not saying I won't get there, but it's just work. If you want to be perfect with something you have to work every day.

Q: Coach Williams said you're progressing, but that you still need to perfect the verbage and terminology. Is that one of the biggest things to get used to?
A: At Miami we talked a lot but we were used to a lot of hand signals. Here we use a lot of hand signals and we talk a lot but it's so much faster and they want you to recognize plays before they happen.

Q: Are you looking forward to going back to Miami?
A: Yeah, that's home. I'm sure I'll be excited about being out there and playing in front of my home crowd again. That could be the last time I get to show my fans what I can do.

Q: How much do you worry about starting at this point?
A: I feel I'm a starter. If I'm settling for second I wouldn't be in the position I am now. I want to start. If I said I want to be second place, I wouldn't be a good player. I understand there's a time process, but I'm not a second-place guy.

Q: Do you feel you're in a good place now with everything that's happened off the field?
A: I'm happy. As long as I'm OK and my family's OK, that's all that matters to me. What he say, she say, this problem, that problem, it's not a problem to me. I'm not going to let anything hold me down or make me think or make me lose sleep for too long. If I think about it for too long, it's not good. If it makes me lose sleep I get rid of the problem. Just like anyone else having a problem in their life, with a relationship or paying balls or whatever the case may be.

Q: Does that include the contract stuff?
A: I'm not getting into that. That's out of my hands. I can't control that so I'm not going to worry about that. My opinion is that we don't need to talk about that. So don't even worry about getting on that subject. Nothing about that is going to change.

Q: Overall, do you feel good about your start?
A: I'm doing what I came here to do -- play football.

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