Training Camp Report: Day 17

The Redskins won't be going anywhere next summer. At least that's how it appears.<br><br> Coach Joe Gibbs said the Redskins will likely hold training camp in Ashburn again next summer.

Some wondered if he would feel there were too many distractions because of the fan turnout in the first eight days of camp. But the Redskins have been secluded for two weeks. And they have what they need here.

''I liked it here,'' Gibbs said. ''For the short amount of time you're in camp, to go all the way to another facility would just be a bunch of moving and then a bunch of moving again.''

. . . Linebacker Mike Barrow (knee) did some agility drills in full pads today, the first time he's been in pads since the first week of training camp. But it's still unlikely that he'll play Friday.

. . . Linebacker LaVar Arrington (knee) said he would play if this were the regular season. But it's not. So he won't.

''In my heart I feel I can go,'' Arrington said. ''But maybe it's a better decision for them to hold me out. . . . If it were do or die, I'd get involved.''

. . . Receivers coach Stan Hixon said Taylor Jacobs runs his routes as good as any receiver on the team. They haven't soured on him yet.

. . . Running back John Simon was moved to the first team kick coverage, a good sign for his chances of making the team. If nothing else, it just means the coaches have liked what they've seen and want to see more of him in all areas.

. . . Special teams coach Danny Smith got on Taylor Jacobs during a kick coverage drill. As the runner bounced outside, Smith implored Jacobs to get after him.

After the play, Smith barked at Jacobs, ''What do you do best? What do you do best?'' When Jacobs finally answered, ''Run.'' Smith said, ''Then run to the [expletive] ball!''

. . . No one will be more tested than right tackle Kenyatta Jones in Friday's game at St. Louis. Jones will be matched at times against end Leonard Little, among the best in the game.

The Redskins have helped Jones quite often with a tight end. It helps that Chris Samuels is having such a standout preseason and won't require much help during the season.

Redskins line coach Joe Bugel sees an improvement in Jones.

''He's improved in his pass blocking,'' Bugel said. ''He's such a good athlete and he has great feet and he can move in a big area. That's the biggest improvement he's making now.''

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