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He got turned around on one play, allowing the receiver to get open by 15 yards. Another play, Sean Taylor raced from across the field to make an interception. <br><br> In two plays, it showed that Taylor still had things to learn; but he has a ton of talent to work with.

''Those great ones are full of themselves to where they think they know everything,'' Redskins defensive coordinator Gregg Williams said. ''So it was fun for me to watch him go to Steve Jackson on the sidelines and say, 'Teach me something else.' That was good. He's not afraid of anyone's speed. They weren't running by him. They decoyed him a couple times. He took the bait a couple times. I wish we could say that won't happen this whole year. But a rookie is training the whole year.''

Taylor played down any talks with his position coach.

''That's what he's there for,'' Taylor said. ''He's the guy that I bounce stuff off of. Every time I come off the field I say something about maybe two plays that I had a question about. Or I ask, 'How did that play look?' I'm going to be using him forever.''

But Williams loved seeing the interception.

''I don't know if there's another safety in the league who can cover that much ground,'' Williams said.

. . . Right guard Randy Thomas said he just wants to be smart with his strained neck.

''Next week is the regular season and that's my goal,'' he said. ''I'm kind of relieved because the MRI came back negative. I'm just going to try and strengthen it to get it better. I've got to be there [against Tampa Bay].''

. . . Still no word on when linebacker Mike Barrow will return. The Redskins have maintained that they're not worried about his absence, knowing what he can do when healthy. But Barrow said he's not being rested as just a precautionary.

''I'm hurt,'' he said. ''I can't go.''

There also has to be doubt as to how effective Barrow could be if he does return for Tampa Bay. He's played a handful of snaps in practice with the first unit and he's nowhere close to being in game shape. At 34 and with a bum knee, Barrow might not be what the Redskins hoped they were signing.

. . . Corner Fred Smoot on Deion Sanders' return: ''It's just like Jordan coming back to basketball for a guy like me. . . . At 37, I think he can do everything he did at 26. The three years of resting will help him out. I know he can still go. There's no doubt.''

. . . The Redskins have a tough choice to make at backup corner and it could come down to Garnell Wilds and Rufus Brown. One could land on the practice squad. Ade Jimoh remains in the picture, but it's hard to imagine him making the final roster. Real hard. Defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has singled out Brown and Wilds on more than one occasion. When it comes to Jimoh, he said, ''He needed to improve his ball skills from last year, to play the ball over his head. Sometimes you have it or you don't. He's worked on that. He has to show me he has a short memory. In the past I heard he dwelled on his mistakes too long and you can't worry about that as a corner in this league.''

. . . One reason Ralph Brown was let go was because of how much they like Walt Harris. Now that he's healthy the Redskins can count on Harris.

''He's as smart as any coach on this staff,'' Williams said. ''As a coach he'll come to you and subtlety ask you questions and you'll say, 'I didn't think about that.' He's a real smart veteran. In a short amount of time I've learned to trust him.''

. . . But Williams maintains the reason his corners were beaten against St. Louis was because the pass rush stunk. To a degree he's right (and we also know the Rams' explosion started with second and third stringers in the front seven). But here's the thing: a good corner will buy his line an extra second to get to the passer. And if Marc Bulger was more accurate, the corners would have been toasted much earlier. We trust Williams to find a way to fix any problems, but there's no doubt the corners struggled that night.

. . . It'll be easy to bring up Champ Bailey's name every time the corners get beat. I'm a huge fan of Bailey, but I'm not going to do that. Why? Because I'd have to do the same thing every time Clinton Portis has a great run, or game. Would they have had the same run if Bailey were still around? Bailey's not a part of this team, and wasn't going to be, so don't judge the secondary in relation to him.

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