Post Game Quotes

Coach Joe Gibbs: ''We bounced back from a poor performance last week. We came back and were real solid. I wish we could count it, but now we start for real.''

Gibbs: ''Preseason is so hard up here. You rotate so many people in and out so it's hard to get a good feel [where they're at]. Until the bullets start flying you can never be sure. I'm nervous and anxious about it.''

Gibbs: ''I'm really, really, really happy to get Ladell back. That took guts last week because he was questionable and he was nervous about his hamstring. But he got through that and he got out there and made some carries for us. I feel much better about that now. I appreciate him going out there and sucking it up last week and this week. Ladell is a really good athlete. And sometimes you lose sight of how big he is and athletic. We know he's a good receiver. Our problem was that we could not evaluate him.''

CB Fred Smoot on the double corner blitz: ''I love it, man. Now I get a chance to not only get an interception, but now I get a chance to get sacks. I get a chance to get my jersey dirty. I like that. I've put on a couple extra pounds for this.''

Smoot on what the Redskins showed: ''We still didn't really show anything or show our game plan. We showed a little more than we did last week. We saw last week that if you come too vanilla, then bad things happen. We brought out a couple tricks, but yet we didn't show the world what we can do. If they tune in Sunday against Tampa, you'll see some of what you want to see.''

Smoot on preseason practices: ''It was old school preseason. We feel like the Junction Boys right now. We're tired and we're ready to take it out on someone else.''

CB Shawn Springs on the double blitz: ''That was kind of cool. You don't see that too often. That was fun. It just says you need to prepare for us.''

RB Sultan McCullough on his chances: ''I'm not injured so that's a big plus. I think I played good. I told coach I'll be the last one standing like I was for this game. My whole thing is injuries. If you're injured, you can't play. I don't care how good you are. Hopefully that will help me out when they make a decision Sunday at 4. I think I'm good enough to be somewhere, but I want to be here. I don't want to go somewhere else and try to get on with another team. The more you shift around, the more you won't last in the league.''

RB Ladell Betts: ''It was important for me to go out there and have a good showing. The line opened up big holes for me, which made my job easier. I just tried to go out there and make things happen.''

QB Mark Brunell: ''We needed a night where we could gain some momentum. Hopefully this will carry over next week against Tampa. . . . We're leaving the preseason feeling good about our team.''

SS Matt Bowen: ''We can turn it up a lot more. We want to be an attacking team, put pressure on the offense to make a play and we'll be sitting back there as defensive backs trying to make plays ourselves.''

DT Joe Salave'a on his pressure: ''If we execute, that's what happens. You never know who will be back there. The front-line guys have to relieve the stress on the linebackers and cover guys. It's a defense made for everyone to make plays.''

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