Behind Enemy Lines: Jon Gruden

Q: What do you think of facing the Redskins in Joe Gibbs first game back? A: It'll be a very exciting atmosphere. I look forward to opening day and I just look forward to playing. I know the crowd will be very excited and rightfully so.

Q: They've added 5,000 more seats and now have 91,000 here. How do you counteract the noise?

A: It's tough to simulate that kind of noise and enthusiasm. Last year we opened up in Philly in a new stadium so we've been in similar atmospheres. You have to be disciplined and have good communication. It's challenging.

Q: Do you see similarities between things Gibbs is doing now and the first time around?

A: I have a potentially Hall of Fame coach next week [in Seattle]. I have great respect for what this guy did for the game. But when it's all said and done we have to concentrate on our team. We have Doug Williams who played for Gibbs, Bruce Allen's dad coached the Redskins and Ron Middleton coaches with us. After a while I'm tired of talking about the history of the Redskins. I only concentrate on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That's all I can control.

Q: Did you show the team film of Gibbs' teams from the first time around?

A: A little bit. Fortunately some of us nostalgia coaches kept some of those tapes. We had a chance to watch Doug and the Smurfs, who got after it good. We had a chance to get a feel for what the Redskins attack looked like, not that it will be that way Sunday. It might change a lot. Who knows?

Q: What made that offense special?

A: They worked very hard to create an edge. They would change the face of the formation three, four times before the snap of the ball. They had a strong commitment to running the ball and they did a great job finding the edges. They'd use two tight ends, three tight ends. They found a way to run go-to plays Sunday after Sunday. And they were deadly in the play-action pass.

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