Thursday Whispers

It's been a sorry sight to see the players come off the field over the past week, especially this week. The same can be said of some of the coaches.

As the Redskins get started for the season, they look like a tired bunch -- players and coaches. One former player said that a common complaint he's heard from ex-teammates is that they are tired and their legs are a little weary. The last time we heard that comment was when Mike Nolan was the defensive coordinator in 1999 and used to run his players often at the end of practice.
BR> That first week, numerous players cramped up against Dallas, costing them a chance at a win.
BR> Linebacker LaVar Arrington backed up the former player's comments when he said on Wednesday that ''I was fighting the tired monster today because he was on the field and he was after everybody.''
BR> During the first couple weeks of camp the Redskins did not have the typical physical Joe Gibbs type practices. But since it's been closed, the practices have increased in intensity, which is why Fred Smoot said he felt like they were the Junction Boys -- Bear Bryant's old crew that had an ESPN movie based on them.
BR> We don't know how this will impact the Bucs' game, or the season. Because we also know that old players said Gibbs knew when to cut back and that they always felt strong at season's end because of the emphasis placed on weightlifting. This could be a non-issue.
BR> But we also know that some coaches will be asked to do fewer interviews so they don't get worn down.

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