Coaching Sessions: Stan Hixon

Redskins receivers coach Stan Hixon talks about the first thing receivers must do well to catch a pass. And that's get off the line of scrimmage. Here's what he tells them.

''If you don't get off the line quick then you're in trouble and the offense is in trouble. The passing game is a timing game so everything is based on time, maybe 2.5 seconds or 1.5 on a three-step drop. You're trying to get to a certain area at a certain time. If you can't get there because you're bumped around, then you have to shorten your route, which we don't want you to do. A clock should go off in your head that says, 'I should be breaking right now.'

''We preach quickness and giving the defender a fake, you might step outside and then go inside. In our mind we have to have an idea of what we want to do to try and get the defender off-balance. We're always using our feet and our hands and if they try to jam us at the line of scrimmage, we're trying to move them out of position and get upfield as fast as we can.

''It starts with your stance and dropping your weight. You might push them inside and then go outside or push them outside and then go inside. At the same time you're using your feet and your hands. You have to use both hands to get them off you, if they're trying to jam you in the chest or behind the line.

''We tell our receivers that if he tries to jam me, I'm trying to hit him in the elbow area down to his hands and trying to pull his hands down or knock them away. I'm always using both of my hands. Some receivers use one hand and the DB hits them on the opposite shoulder and then they're in trouble.

''That's why Laveranues Coles keeps his hands up when he's at the line of scrimmage. If your hands are up right now, then you can defend yourself. He has quick feet and quick hands and that's the key.

''You're always trying to use a speed release with power and you have to be aggressive. If you're not aggressive they push you around. I always say it's the tough guys who win.''

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