Behind Enemy Lines: Kurt Warner

The Giants' starting quarterback, and ex-Super Bowl mvp for the Rams, spoke with the Washington media today. <BR><BR> <i><b> Q: Are you comfortable in this offense yet?</b></i> <BR><b>A: </b> I'm getting to that point where it's becoming more natural for me and I can become more reactive on the field rather than sitting there and thinking about it.

Q: The last couple years there have been a lot of different issues with you, has your confidence been shaken?
A: No, it hasn't. Obviously stats that people look at are one thing, but I've always been my biggest critic. The last couple years I've been very critical of myself and how I played. I look to see if I made good decisions and good throws. What's happened in those games, as I go back through and watch it, I see no decline. I don't see myself making more mistakes. There were a lot of factors and a lot happened in those games. But it was never to the point where I questioned my ability and what I can do and how I play the game.

Q: How different does the Redskins' defense look?
A: I've only seen a small amount of film so far. But to me they look very athletic. They fly around fast to the ball and do a lot of different things. They have guys that can win one on one matchups across the board. That's what you love to see on defense. That allows them to attack from a lot of different angles. And they have great personnel. That's what I've noticed, them flying around and making a lot of big plays.

Q: The Redskins have committed to blitzing extensively, what makes them an effective blitzing team?
A: The first thing you try is to create matchup problems with the guys you blitz. To have a guy like LaVar who can give you a lot of matchup problems because he has great strength and great speed and matches up well whether it's a lineman or a back and that gives you a benefit. And they have good schemes around it and good players who can compensate for a weakness. When you blitz there's always a weakness in the defense. But to have guys who understand the system who can come up and make plays and make tackles without giving up the big plays . . .I was just watching film and I haven't seen too many people making big plays against their blitz. It lets you know that they're doing a great job getting to the quarterback. But the guys not blitzing are doing a great job knowing their responsibilities and staying in them and making plays.

Q: How much have injuries affected you the last couple years?
A: Not at all. Everyone wants to make an issue of it and blame my hands for all the things that transpired. I don't buy into that it had anything to do with injuries. Were there times I could have played better? Sure. But it had nothing to do with me being hurt or not healthy and throwing the ball differently than before. It had absolutely no effect.

Q: Dick Vermeil is a warm-and-fuzzy coach. How different has it been to have played for him and now Tom Coughlin, who doesn't have that reputation?
A: It's hard to say at this point in time. I've only been here a few months. The unique thing in St. Louis with both Coach Vermeil and Coach Martz is that I was able to develop great relationships with them. I had different relationships with them than a lot of players did. I was very close and continue to be close with those guys. Others didn't have that. Here, I just haven't had a chance to come in and show what I'm capable of doing and show what I bring to the table to the degree where that respect overrides the position and allows them to have a tighter relationship. I haven't developed that yet. It is different. He approaches things differently and he looks at it like he's the head coach. I don't know if a lot of guys over the course of his career have had that type of relationship. That's probably not because of his personality but more because that's how he feels he needs to run the ship. I have no problem with that at all. So far it's been a good and smooth transition.

Q: What's the mood around the team, is there tension in the locker room because of all this stuff?
A: I haven't noticed too much of that. I think it's a different situation than a lot of guys have dealt with in the past. They're still getting used to that and how Coach Coughlin runs the team and how he wants things done. The bottom line is there are a lot of teams who go through that and complain here or there. When you start winning all that changes and you forget about that. We need to step up and win games. Everything becomes easier. That's what we need to focus on and not anything else.

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