Rookie Diary: Week 2

People haven't said too much about playing on the road, but it goes unsaid every week that it's a challenge, especially for the offense to deal with the noise and the fans. Everyone plays harder at home.

At Utah State we played at Nebraska and LSU and those were two different crowds. Nebraska is a football-loving crowd and they'll pat you on the back if you get beat by 30. They love you there. You go to LSU and you have Boy Scouts flipping you off when you get off the bus. As players we just laughed at that stuff. It was funny. But when you get in the game and it's loud, it's the same difference.

I've heard New York is more like LSU. I've heard they're trash-talking fans and that's good. It's a fun atmosphere to play in, I think.

For me, playing for the first time at home last week was great. Our fans were amazing and every time we needed them to make noise, they did. My emotions were running pretty high; but the atmosphere was about what I expected. And I wasn't in awe. I had gotten past the awe of being in the NFL the first day we put pads on and that's when I felt comfortable with all the guys and felt that I could play. Before you put the pads on you don't know what to expect.

And when it started Sunday, it was a football game just like always.

But I did take a moment after the game, when we were in the locker room and all the guys came together after we had won. It was really nice. I had a moment where I was like, This is awesome. But much of that was just from winning the game. It felt great to be part of a game and part of a win.

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