Coaching Sessions: Dale Lindsey

This week, the Redskins' linebackers coach gives fans a tip on what his players must do to disguise the blitz. And what they do to sometimes give it away.

''Blitzing is a lot like learning to dance. It's about timing. And the problem with linebackers, or anybody else, is that they take a different stance when they blitz and when they don't. Guys on offense have a set of eyes and they see that.

''So we work on taking the same stance all the time, whether you're blitzing or not blitzing. Sometimes you sell the blitz and you're not coming. Sometimes you sell coverage and you're blitzing. What will happen is that when they're not going to blitz and they're bluffing, they'll stand up and their shoulders are back. When they are blitzing, all of a sudden they'll take their stance and their shoulders go down. Hell, the offenses see that.

''I try to sell them, OK, I'm covering and I'm blitzing out of the same stance. Or when I go over here to the right side and run over here at the last second, you do your nuances to hide what you're doing. Other guys study tape and know what you're doing. They know if you change your feet or your stance, so we have to work on that.''

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