Rookie Diary: Week 3, Dallas

I've thought about what it'll be like on Monday night. So far the other players have been right about how the season goes. The regular season is a step up from the preseaon and everyone says that Monday night is a step up during the season. I just have to come excited and play as hard as I can. But I'm interested to see what the change in play will be like.

At Utah State we would play three or four games a year under the lights. It's more fun and I think that's because it goes back to high school, where every game everyone is fired up. You get those same old feelings and you're just out there having fun.

And whenever we'd play our big rival, those were always intense games. Those were by far the dirtiest games of the year. Any cheap shot you could take you would take. If there's a fumble, people are grabbing all over everyone else. If you're standing around the pile, you're getting hit a lot of the times. I'm sure this is a lot like that. A lot of players really don't like each other.

I'm starting to see the same passion here. It's just the atmosphere of the whole city. Everyone in Washington hates Dallas and it's like you're expected to win that much more. You learn to hate them. It's someone you have to go out and kill.

We're more intense in practice, but you see it when you go home and watch the news and you start thinking about it and you get more excited.

Coach Gibbs hasn't been too much different this week. But, I don't know if it's because we're coming off a loss or because we're playing Dallas, but there's more a sense of urgency with the entire staff this week.

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