Coaching sessions: Working the outside

Redskins special teams coach Danny Smith knows his gunners on punt coverage must defeat the double teams they face. Here's the trick.

''It's two-on-one and you're fighting for your life. If you want to find tough guys in this league, let them get out there and take a little bit of that, when you have two guys in his face trying to prevent him from going downfield.

''What you want to do is make it a one-on-one match, study to see which player is the weaker of the two. You also have to use different techniques based on where we're punting the ball. It's a lot of work. You have to study the personnel and put the players in a good situation. It's a game of matchups.

''The first step is a key. You've got to be quick. If you fool around or get too tall and they get four hands on you, then you're in trouble. So the first step is critical. You have to have quickness and you have to have a plan.

''You've got to do what you can do to keep their hands off you. You want to make them move their feet because you don't want to let them get stationery and deliver a blow on you. And you want to get their hands off you.''

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