Redskins Report Wednesday

Redskins end Phillip Daniels has finally figured out why his injuries keep occuring to his left side: his left leg is shorter than his right. Now that he knows that, he's hoping that ends his injury string.

Daniels visited a chiropractor, who checked him out and told him about his leg height, which he discovered by measuring his pelvis. Daniels then thought about the injuries he's had over his career and they all seemed to happen on his left side.

And that's where he strained an abdominal muscle in minicamp and a groin in Week 2. Now he's wearing a heel lift in his right shoe, hoping it gives him better balance.

''It could be the reason,'' Daniels said. ''I used to wonder why I would trip with my right foot.''

As for his injury, Daniels ruled himself out for Sunday's game against Baltimore. He'd like to return for the Bears game, but won't do so if he's not ready, knowing the bye week follows.

''I want to play in Chicago,'' said Daniels, who played four seasons with the Bears. ''But I have to be smart also. . . They need me down the stretch.''

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