Behind Enemy Lines: Deion Sanders

The man known as Prime Time -- and the man never embraced in Washington -- reminisced on his one season with the Redskins.

Q: Do you have fond memories of playing for the Redskins?

A: Yeah, I had a tremendous relationship with Dan Snyder. He has a lot of wonderful secretaries over there.

Q: Did you play your best with the Redskins?

A: I'm not going to say that. Let's talk facts, not fiction. We took a 30th-ranked defense to fourth. We had two cornerbacks that gave up one touchdown the entire season. That's fact, not fiction.

Q: What changed from the time you signed with the Redskins to the time he left?

A: That year was a pivotal year in that we were just expected to go to the Super Bowl and it didn't happen. We had some key injuries, then they wanted to hire a new coach. Everything just went backwards from there. They're regrouping right now. I think Dan Snyder's done a phenomenal job in giving this organization every opportunity in the world to win. That's what he's done since I was there.

Q: Do you ever shake your head and wonder what the players in Washington are going through?

A: No, I look at that and think, You really made a great decision to leave. Maybe not in the manner that you wanted to leave and the timing. Football and life is all about timing. I think the timing was well for my departure.

Q: Did you not get along with Marty Schottenheimer?

A: No, no. It had nothing to do with that. I was too old to just start over. I went there to win it all. I wasn't going to start over. . . I'm not going to blame everything on Marty Schottenheimer. I'm not going to give him that much credit. I'm just going to say it was great timing. It really was. I pretty much knew what was going to happen before it happened.

Q: Do you think you'll play Sunday night?

A: I felt like last week I was going to play. But I'll definitely play Sunday.

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