Rookie Diary

Losing feels different in the NFL because you work harder all week. You're here all day every day and it's twice as much as what you put into it in college. So it means more. You walk off the field after a loss and it's like after everything we did, we couldn't finish it off.

Mostly, I deal with losing by working harder. After the Cleveland game a lot of guys felt like this. When I got on the bus the first thing I thought of was, 'What could I have done to change the game?' I came back and tried to get a lot better. I know what I can improve on. Everyone has stuff like that they can do.

When you lose, you want to come out and get better. With this team, there's mostly disappointment among the players. You lose three tough games and they're all close. If we find six points in there, we win them. And I see a lot of will and determination, especially on offense because we know how great the defense is playing. Guys are still excited.

I'm not surprised by the scrutiny we receive after a loss. When we're up, everyone here is in our favor. So many people love us. They deserve to see us play well and win games. Especially as an offense when you make mistakes you expect people to be down on you. It's up to us to turn it around.

I watch sports on the news a little bit, but I try to avoid reading the papers or listening to the radio. I get enough football through film and the week.

But what people say doesn't bother me at all. Some stuff annoys you because everyone has their own opinion, but we know what's going on and we try to keep everything with in the team.

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