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Three months ago Marty Schottenheimer and Dan Snyder got along. Then came an 0-5 start and the relationship changed. A 6-3 record since then hasn't changed anything. And now it could get ugly.

Word is, however, the real fight might not be over whether or not Snyder should hire a general manager. Rather, it's over the fate of offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye's job. Numerous people throughout the organization hope Schottenheimer gets rid of Raye after the season.

Schottenheimer said he has ''no intention'' of making changes to his staff. Of course, that's not a declarative statement and leaves some wiggle room. We know that Redskins minority owner Fred Drasner would love to see Raye ousted.

But at least one respected NFL general manager says the Redskins don't need to make changes. They just need to find a quarterback.

''It's damn near a miracle for them to win with Banks,'' the GM said.

It could be that Schottenheimer is forced to pick his battle. Would he rather Snyder hire a GM? Or would Schottenheimer instead fire Raye and keep all the power in the organization, at least when it comes to making football decisions.

One thing is becoming clear, however. Schottenheimer will not quit. If a GM is hired, look for him to work here at least another year. Or he'll force Snyder to fire him so he can collect the rest of his money (original deal: four years, $10 million).

Another thing is certain: don't expect ex-Green Bay Ron Wolf to come to Washington.

''I would be shocked if he took it,'' a league source, who has not spoken with Wolf, said. ''I've been told [Wolf's] answer is no. I don't know if he would want all the B.S.''

The battle is just heating up. If the problems aren't avoided, the franchise could take years to recover. The Redskins need stability. Not another offseason of an owner making unwise decisions.

John Keim covers the Redskins for The Journal Newspapers and is a correspondent for Pro Football Weekly. To read his story on LaVar Arrington in PFW, log onto pfw.com.

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