Redskins Report

LaVar Arringon and Phillip Daniels both participated in practice today. But that doesn't mean both, or either, will play against the Bears Sunday.

On a conference call with Chicago reporters, Redskins coach Joe Gibbs said, ''I would say that I wouldn't think so. They're listed as real questionable.''

Arrington has made his desire to play known. But he knows the decision isn't his.

''You have to ask the trainers because I don't know,'' he said. ''They've got to tell me... I expect them to let me play, that's what I expect.''

Players always expect themselves to play. When the head coach is pessimistic about their chances, listen to him. Most likely, that's what he's hearing from the trainers.

. . . Running back Clinton Portis is continuing his puzzling boycott of the local media. It's puzzling because no one is sure why this is happening -- after all, he popped off about the offense and no one took him out of context. But such is life. Thing is, he's now trying to lure the other backs into this boycott. One reporter asked another back for a minute that the back told him that Portis has instituted a media boycott for the entire group. But someone needs to tell Ladell Betts, who did chat up a reporter. Not that anyone cares who speaks, or doesn't speak, with the media. Even for us it's a tired topic.

. . . Mark Brunell, on the other hand, has been beaten up in the press. Yet he continues to talk, even on negative topics.

''I heard this week that I don't have a strong arm,'' Brunell said. ''You have to ask my receivers before you get that information from each other, please.''

The point that's been missing with Brunell is this: he does not yet have a comfort level with the receivers. In Jacksonville he played with Keenan McCardell and Jimmy Smith for a long time. ''That's pretty rare,'' Brunell said. ''Over that time you develop a rapport and it becomes second nature. You know where they're going to be and what their strengths and weaknesses are. Certainly I'm feeling more and more comfortable with Laveranues and Rod and that will develop as time goes on.''

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