Behind Enemy Lines: Brian Urlacher

Chicago linebacker Brian Urlacher is considered one of the best in the game at his position. He talked with the Washington media about the Bears.

Q: Why haven't the Redskins been able to run?
A: They're playing some good defenses. I think you've got to look at that too. Last couple weeks they played some pretty good defenses and they only run the counters and they run the zone play. But we know Portis is one of the best backs in the league and we've just got to get him on the ground, stay in our gaps … our gap-control defense, if we stay in our gaps we should be successful.

Q: What did you think of Greg Blache?
A: He was a pretty open guy, I think we all know that, with some of his comments he made. He was fun. He made it interesting every day when he came to work. He always had something to say. Good or bad, he was going to say it. He was very open-minded. You've got to love that about the guy. He made it fun for us. We didn't play that well for him the last couple years. But he's just a great guy and a good friend.

Q: How did Blache motivate you?
A: I don't even remember. He said so many things. I screwed up so much my first training camp and my first three or four weeks, I think it was every day he said something to me. It kind of went in one ear and out the other. He's a great guy, like I said, and he was a great coach and I have a lot of respect for him.

Q: Are you limited in any way?
A: No, I feel fine. I don't get as many reps as I'd like because I'm, not in shape yet. I just need to take it easy for a while. But I feel good. I can run around and do all the things I used to be able to do.

Q: How about Dale Lindsey?
A: Yeah, I liked Dale, he was a great coach my first two years. It's going to be fun seeing them. I hope they leave disappointed, like I said before, but it's going to be fun seeing and playing against them. I played against Dale last year when he was with San Diego. It'll be fun to see them and talk to them before the game.

Q: What were the expectations for the Bears this year?
A: I treat every season the same like we are going to be really good. If you don't, then you are playing for the wrong reasons. You don't go into the season thinking you are not going to be very good. I go into every season thinking we are going to win a bunch of games. We are 1-3 right now and we have been in every game we have played in, but we just haven't made plays to win the game. We think we are going on the right track now. We are getting healthy again and we expect to win a bunch of games every year.

Q: Can you win with Jonathan Quinn?
A: Definitely, Jonathan knows the offense really well. He is a smart guy and he is a big guy. He sees over the line pretty well. We just need to get him some snaps. The off week helped him out a little bit too. He got a bunch of reps that week in practice. We will just see what happens.

Q: Did you think every season would be like 2001 for you?
A: You hope it's going to be that way forever. You probably figure it's not going to be but you hope it is. It happened so fast. Every week it seemed like we found a way to win. Whether it was Mike [Brown] or the offense throwing a hail mary or something like that. We just found a way to win every game. We made plays and that is what it comes own to in this league is making plays. It was fun. The season went by so fast. We had that off week and then we got beat in the playoffs but it was a fun year.

Q: How frustrating were the losing seasons since then?
A: We are not too disappointed right now. We are 1-3 but we have 12 games to go. People may write us off, which is fine with us, but the last two years were tough. We didn't play well and we didn't deserve to win any games. That's the way it goes. We lost our coaching staff--obviously there are new coaches in now. We are optimistic, still. It's a long season and we just have to make some plays and win some games.

Q: Do you feel comfortable in this defense?
A: This defense is fun. It gives us a chance to get downhill, attack gaps, and make plays in the backfield. If you do it right, it is very successful. If you have guys that don't stay in their gaps you are going to get beaten. You just have to be disciplined and do what the coaches ask you to do.

Q: How much do the Bears miss Phillip Daniels?
A: Phillip is a great player. He was here my first four years. He is a very smart player. He made a lot of plays for us on the defensive end. He is a great run defensive end. In our old cover-two scheme, he did not really get a chance to do a lot of pass rushing because he had to hold the tight end up. He was a great rush defensive end and just a great guy.

Q: What have you thought of running back Thomas Jones?
A: He is amazing. I knew once we had training camp this summer, that he was going to be awesome. He catches the ball well, he runs the ball well. He's thick [in size], he doesn't go down easy, and he is a smart football player. He fits in really well with our offense.

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