Rookie Diary: Chris Cooley

When you get to this point in the year, you go outside and the air is crisp and it feels like the end of the season is near. We'd be almost done last year.

But it's funny to be out there and think that it feels like it's almost the end of the season and it's not even close yet. But I wouldn't say I hit that rookie wall, even though we've already played 10 games. That's almost a full season in college. I'm still all right and hopefully I won't hit the wall.

I am looking forward to the bye week and knowing that we have a week off helps quite a bit. Also, starting and playing a lot helps me out, too. I'm in the groove and a part of everything. That keeps you up.

In college I would hit a wall between school and football. My senior year I was in the art department and I'd go to school for six hours every day and then go to football, then go back to the art department and work after practice. That got old by the second month.

Now I can go home, have dinner, watch TV and the only thing I really have to worry about is studying film or the playbook for an hour, hour and a half. After I study for an hour I feel pretty good.

In college, when I'd get done with practice I'd think, 'I have a test tomorrow. I'm gonna have to study for four hours straight.' And you're like, great. So not having to do that has been real nice. No school, just football.

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