Whisper Room

A few days ago we heard that Ron Wolf's answer would be no when Redskins owner Dan Snyder came calling in the offseason. As he's certain to. But the rumor mill is still buzzing, albeit slightly, about Wolf's possible signing.

For Wolf, it appears to be all about how much money he can squeeze out of Snyder. One rumor has it that Wolf wants at least five percent ownership of the franchise. Let's say the franchise is worth $900 million. That's $45 million in Wolf's pocket eventually.

That's an awful expensive deal for the Redskins--and would it be a wise one? Wolf did an excellent job in Green Bay, but Bobby Beathard did a great job here before achieving only moderate success in San Diego.

Then there's the instability it would create on the coaching staff. Don't forget: when Wolf was the Packers' GM, he interviewed Marty Schottenheimer for the job. Schottenheimer asked for a lot of money, apparently turning off Wolf. There might be some lingering resentment, leading to Schottenheimer's ouster.

Certainly it would be interesting to watch. Most likely, Wolf would try and force Schottenheimer's ouster. Still, the Redskins' coach won't quit and it would awfully expensive to fire him.

This is just at the rumor stage. And those who know Wolf still struggle to see him working for Snyder. But Wolf might just ask for everything and Snyder might just give it to him.

. . . In other whispers: The Redskins will have trouble re-signing all three starting free agent offensive linemen: guards Dave Szott and Ben Coleman and center Cory Raymer. Each has expressed a desire to stay and it will come down to money. The Redskins have not prioritized the order in which they'd like to keep all three. The best guess: they'll re-sign Szott (who already has scouted the area for schools his son with cerebral palsy can attend and is enthusiastic). Raymer, who badly wants to stay, could be expendable. Schottenheimer likes reserve Mark Fischer, also a free agent. He'll be cheaper to sign. Then Fischer could go to camp as a starter, but he would be challenged by David Brandt. Coleman also would like to return. His play has slipped lately, thanks to aching knees. But he is a big body and is familiar with the offense.

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