Rookie Diary

This is the perfect time for a break. For me it feels like I've played in 11 games, because we played five preseason games. The funny thing is, I was more nervous for the first couple preseason games than I was for these games because there was a lot more pressure in trying to make the team.

That win did a ton for us. If we lose that game, then this week is the worst week ever for us because we'd be 1-5 and then it's like we're almost out of the playoffs already. To be able to relax this week and get ready for a big stretch is important.

What I've seen is that there's a fine line between winning and losing. Every game we're right there until the last play and it was the same this game. We just found a way to win. We did rush for over 200 yards and everyone has to respect that. We're getting better and better. And when we had that pick for a TD, no one acted like it bothered them. Maybe because it's happened so much. Now, any big adversity in a game it seems we can handle it. We've had so many crazy plays. We know we can beat anybody, we know we can. We just have to execute. So far the defense has played amazing and it feels like the offense is getting close. It'll happen for us.

But this was also a weird week because of Walter getting cut. If someone is cut in college, it's like they really screwed up and they're gone and you're like, 'What an idiot.' Now if they're cut, it's normal. Walter didn't seem mad. Everyone said that's just the way it works. Guys are in and out. But to me I was like, 'Oh my god, he's gone.' And the day before the game last week they cut Koz. So it's been a little weird around here. Hopefully I won't have to worry about that part of it, at least not at this stage of my career.

I'll be in Utah this weekend. It's the first time I'll be home since June. I'm going to go grouse hunting one day and then I'm going to watch my old high school play Friday night. And it just snowed there so I always like seeing the first snow. It'll be fun to watch my old high school play. For me it'll feel the same and I'm sure I'll have a chance to talk to the guys the day before the game. For them I'm sure anytime you have a guy playing in the NFL it'll be cool for a lot of guys. I'm excited to go home.

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