Oh Jimmy!

WarpathInsiders.com is proud to release this Internet short by Bang! Productions.

We would like to take you back to a time when life seemed much more simple via this short film, which is animated mostly in black and white. An Internet first in the sports world, this innovative short enables us to take our terms of service and bring it to life in a funny, informative five-minute movie that will interest new and old Internet users alike.

The film is the brainchild of Stephan Miller. Miller is a partner in Warpath Magazine and the director of the Warpath website. The website was actually started in 1995 as CapitolPunishment.com and later evolved into Capitol Punishment, National Defense, also known as CPND.

Miller has been a big fan of Bang! Cartoons for some time. He states, "John Tayman is the comic behind the Bang! cartoons. His talent is unrivaled. I mean the guy is naturally funny and should be writing sitcoms in Hollywood!"

Miller continues, "I had a whole script in my head about what I wanted to get out and I knew John Tayman was the guy who could bring it to life."

"In this five-minute short, John was able to bring the era and feeling to life that I was shooting for."

Miller says "although the website is now officially Warpath, the spirit of CPND lives on through the community." Miller goes on to say "the film is dedicated to all the loyal CPND members from the past and those who'll join us in the future."

John, being a big Redskins fan, was excited about the project and after two months of production we are proud to unveil it to the masses.

Tayman Quotes:

"When Stephan approached me about doing the film, I was interested from the first minute we talked about it. He had a very good concept, one that I felt offered tremendous opportunity for creativity and humor. I saw it as a challenge, because the film would use a lot of styles I had not used before. Making a black and white character is different than a color character -- so many colors run into very subtle shades of gray, that to make the characters expressive required a deeper degree of design than I had used before."

"Once Stephan laid out the particulars of what he wanted to film to accomplish, I got to work on the script. Once I was finished with the outline, I couldn't stop laughing at the scenes.The characters of Timmy and Jimmy were fun to design, especially Jimmy. Timmy basically is supposed to be the fifties ideal of the All-American-Boy, whereas Jimmy would be the typical 'tough guy' from the period. Stephan told me he wanted to incorporate the site's mascot into the film, and it made the perfect enforcer for the Moderator's rules."

"All in all, I am really happy with the way the film turned out. I think it's a unique way to showcase the CPND website, and I am really proud to have been able to create this for them. The music was one of my favorite parts to do, because the proper music makes or breaks a film. I think in this case, it definitely makes the mood."

"This has been one of my favorite projects to date. I had a great time making it, and I had a really good time voicing Jimmy. Some characters just write themselves, and I think his did."

One football player, who wishes to remain anonymous, said he enjoyed the short but he would stick to the field and stay clear of message boards. They are just too dangerous!

To see the short for yourself, go to www.cpnd.info

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