Redskins Report

Linebacker LaVar Arrington did not practice today and is listed as doubtful for Sunday's game against Green Bay.

Arrington hurt his right knee while jogging Monday, stepping on a soft spot on the field. The Redskins say the knee has not been re-injured, but their biggest concern is that he still needs to strengthen his right leg. That, not the knee, could be what keeps him sidelined Sunday.

. . . But here's an amazing thing: Mike Barrow practiced for the first time since early in training camp. He did everything the coaches asked, but they took it slow with him as he works himself back into shape. He's listed as questionable and even if he can play it'll be in a limited role. However, the Redskins are pleased with his physical conditioning, which will help whenever he gets on the field. But they also know it'll take time to get into football shape.

. . . Kicker John Hall is unlikely to be available this week. He was limited to 10-15 yard kicks today and the coaches anticipate he'll need another week. Coach Joe Gibbs also does not want to rush a kicker back. His fear is that Hall would get hurt during a game, leaving him with no kicker. Because Ola Kimrin has kicked well for them, the Redskins can be extra patient with Hall.

. . . End Phillip Daniels practiced and is listed as questionable with his groin injury. The Redskins will continue to increase his work this week.

. . . The Redskins cut running back Sultan McCullough from their practice squad to make room for running back Dahrran Diedrick. He was released by Green Bay in August, after two stints on the Packers' practice squad the previous year. McCullough never struck us as a Gibbs-type player.

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