Gibbs to Taylor: See you Monday

Redskins coach Joe Gibbs didn't want Sean Taylor around for the weekend. He didn't want the rookie becoming a bigger distraction than his story has been for two days.

So he told Taylor to stay home this weekend and return to practice Monday. At that point, Gibbs will expect to see a player who has learned a lesson. Or two.

''We thought it would be good for him, from the standpoint of media attention and for the team,'' Gibbs said. ''It's better for us to spend the rest of the week concentrating on Green Bay.''

Gibbs spoke with Taylor on Thursday and termed it a ''good talk.'' But chances are the conversation was a bit one-sided after Taylor was arrested for a DWI early Thursday morning. Taylor was returning from Rod Gardner's birthday party in Washington and was pulled over for speeding at 2:40 a.m. Previous reports about the party were unconfirmed, but the Redskins acknowledged that Taylor had attended a party -- and Warpathinsiders had obtained an e-mail invite, advertising the party at a club called Home.

Gardner declined to comment on what happened other than to say, ''I wish my dog would never have gotten a DUI.'' But Gardner's not the one at fault and Gibbs said he had no problem with the party having taken place. He is aware that some Redskins were in attendance, but it wasn't a big number.

''My hope is that you get in in reasonable time,'' Gibbs said. ''I talked to the guys there and they said they did. In [Taylor's situation] it was at 2:30, which is too late.''

Gibbs doesn't have a lot of rules and the ones he does center around using common sense.

''That's what we abide by,'' he said. ''If you play football and it's football season, we don't want guys out late. That's not the best way to be prepared the next day for meetings or practice. I realize we deal with younger guys and they'll make mistakes. But that's our preference. You've got to be smart. During the season is a time where you're trying to be focused on football. We have a great group that way.''

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