Warpath Report

Corner Fred Smoot said his side and the Redskins already are discussing a new contract. There's no insincerity on Smoot's part when he says he wants to stay.

Smoot loves living here and loves playing for the Redskins. He could parlay this season into a big deal elsewhere, but he has no desire to play elsewhere. Funny, two years ago this front office tried to trade him for a third-round pick -- and found no takers.

. . . Smoot and fellow corner Shawn Springs will stay after practice every so often to help young receiver Taylor Jacobs. They'll work with him coming off the line and out of his break, teaching him ways to combat what a corner does. That's what they were doing Wednesday for about 10 minutes after practice.

. . . Want to know who Joe Bugel thinks are the Redskins' most consistent linemen? Chris Samuels and Ray Brown. Which says a lot that a 41-year-old right tackle is playing that consistent and other higher-priced linemen are not. Seems a bit off.

. . . One thing that's great about Bugel is that he was here during the glory years and can tell stories about so many players. Here's one of his memories on running back John Riggins: ''He was crazy. Anyone who went bowling naked with a pair of cowboy boots, you have to be a little bit touched. But he could do it. They shut down the bowling alley and he was in there by himself. He did a lot of crazy things. He was the type of guy who was never caught in the training room. If he got treatment, it was at 4 in the morning. He did his own thing, but he was an impeccable player.''

. . . Bugel on the matchup between Derrick Dockery and Shaun Rogers: ''Rogers is one of the most dominating tackles to play against us this year. The guy is phenomenal. He and Wilkinson. If Rogers stays on pace he could be one of the best, if not the best, in the NFL. When you look at him you get goosebumps because he covers half a room. He's that big. We think Doc is big, but he dwarfs Doc. I told Doc to eat an extra piece of meat on game day and grow a bigger rear end. He'll need all that stuff to block Rogers. That guy is pushing everyone around.''

. . . Defensive coordinator Gregg Williams insists that he's happy to be in his current role, and can remain so for some time. It's widely assumed that Williams would like to be a head coach again someday. But maybe not as fast as everyone believes.

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