Schottenheimer, players react

The Redskins reacted to the speculation about potential coaching changes involving Marty Schottenheimer, and, perhaps, Steve Spurrier. Here are some thoughts after Saturday's team meeting.

Coach Marty Schottenheimer, ''I have no comment, but I'll talk if you want to talk about Arizona. All I want to do is focus on Arizona. I talked to the team about Arizona and the speculation and I just said, 'We all sign on [to this].' But our objective is to win tomorrow.''

OG Dave Szott, ''This might be one of the best coaching jobs they've done when you consider the circumstances. Marty was relaxed. Back in the day in Kansas City he was much more uptight. He's definitely enjoyed it more than in the past.''

Szott on what Schottenheimer told the players in a meeting Saturday, addressing the speculation, ''He told us, 'My intention is that I've got a job to do and I will complete that job regardless.' ''

CB Champ Bailey, ''I'm not worried about it. Whatever Dan Snyder thinks is best for the team, I'm all for it.''

CB Darrell Green, ''I'm not responding to something about a coach who is 1,500 miles away. . . . As ugly as this season has been, to me there's something to be had by winning eight games.''

Green, ''I'm an optimist and either way I'll be optimistic for next season for a number of reasons. This group of guys, I'm really proud of. You've got to stay optimistic.''

DT Kenard Lang, ''To be honest this is not a distraction because we went through the same thing last year. It's become almost repetitive. We'd have to learn another system. You get comfortable and then you get a new one. You see a lot of the great teams stay with one system for a while.''

Lang on what this does for prospective free agents, ''You have concerns. It's like changing your underwear all the time. One day you're wearing fruit of the loom and the next day it's Jockey. [The constant change of coaches] makes you think and you do have some concern.''

OG Ben Coleman, another unrestricted free agent, ''There's no question we made a lot of strides. For me, if there's a change it depends on the type of atmosphere that's created. If I don't like the change, I can [sign elsewhere].''

Coleman on Schottenheimer, ''If there's anyone in the league that I've ever met that stays the course, it's him. He's not one to change when it's good and he's not one to change if it's bad. He's steady. I'm always looking to see if he's affected by things and nothing affects him.''

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