Rookie Diary: Chris Cooley

You can't say that one play cost us the game last week, but when you look at a play like that and a call like that, it's tough to deal with. That's probably the hardest call against us that I've ever seen. It's a 43-yard touchdown, it gives us the lead . . . it's tough to deal with something like that, especially when you come back and watch film and say, 'Why?'

There's no instant replay. There's nothing. A guy throws a flag, it stands adn we lose a touchdown. We've done that same motion 10 times and he calls it on the last one. I'm not even saying the guy made the worst call, but if you're going to call it then call it, or say, 'Don't do that.'

But players are able to put it behind them easier than coaches. All of us addressed it and said let's not have it so that one play can decide a game. You can't say anything more about it than that.

The loss was a huge deal for us because we'd practiced two weeks for that game. When it comes down to one call on one play, it's tough to go back in the locker room and say, 'We gave it a good try guys.'

But we're never going to quit and that has a lot to do with the makeup of this team. It starts with the way we've worked since I got here. We've worked extremely hard. We were in full pads for two and a half hours in the rain on Thursday. We want to play together and win games. We'll keep doing this all season.

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