Old Friends

Corner Fred Smoot knows who the Bengals are going to test Sunday: himself. He watched Cincinnati attack former teammate Champ Bailey when the Bengals played Denver.

And he knows it's because Bengals coach Marvin Lewis understands his former players strengths and weaknesses. Lewis served as Washington's defensive coordinator in 2002.

''Marvin knows Fred Smoot so he'll be coming right at me,'' Smoot said. ''Different results, though.''

Bailey played his worst game of the season in the loss to Cincy, giving up too many catches to receiver Chad Johnson.

''That's Marvin,'' Smoot said. ''That's his way of challenging you. He challenged us on the practice field. Anytime a coach feels like he knows you and knows your strengths and weaknesses . . . But I'm a lot different. I'm a grown man now. I was a child then.''

. . . Safety Ryan Clark (shoulder) did not practice but is still listed as probable. John Hall also didn't practice, as expected.

. . . Don't be surprised if linebacker Marcus Washington lines up at defensive end on occasion Sunday. Just a hunch.

. . . Rookie tackle Jim Molinaro received his first snaps from scrimmage against Detroit, playing one snap. But it happened on defense. Molinaro entered at the goal line late in the game, playing in the middle of the line. He was needed because of Phillip Daniels' injury. Molinaro played three years of defense in college. It didn't help on this play: Detroit scored.

. . . The Redskins know how to work the rules. They used nine practice squaders in practice today, one more than they're allowed to have on the roster. But it was legal as moves don't have to be turned into the league office until 4 p.m., or a few minutes after practice ends. Technically, that means they can use an extra guy or two -- if the owner is willing to pay for him. If a practice squader is signed for a day, he collects a week's salary or 1/17th of 70,000.

. . . Darnerien McCants stayed after practice today, along with receiver Taylor Jacobs, to work on running routes and catching passes. McCants still seems to sense what his future holds here, which isn't much. But he's still trying. One sideline observer said McCants looked a bit crushed after Jacobs blocked the punt Sunday, perhaps knowing it meant his chances of ever entering the game diminished even more.

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