Redskins Report

Shawn Springs never was bothered by the Sharpie incident. He was too upset with getting beat for a touchdown pass. So when Terrell Owens whipped out a pen and signed the ball, Springs could only laugh.

He knows there's only one way to prevent his buddy from performing such antics.

''If you don't want him to pull out a Sharpie or keep him from dancing, just stop him,'' Springs said. ''Your job is to lock him down so it doesn't happen.''

Springs and Owens will reunite Sunday in Philadelphia, after spending several years combatting while with Seattle and San Francisco, respectively. But they also work out together in the offseason in Scottsdale, Az., joined there by Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb.

Owens is quiet when he faces Springs, at least with his mouth. But Springs doesn't mind his act.

''If I was a wideout I'd be that type of guy,'' Springs said. ''I'd pull out the cell phones or I'd get a touchdown and act the fool. Terrell understands what the league wants. If Marvin Harrison pulled out pom-pons he'd be on every commercial. But people don't talk about Marvin Harrison. Chad Johnson acts the fool. If Marvin did what he does, you'd think he was the greatest player in the game.''

. . . Joe Gibbs on Patrick Ramsey, ''He felt this summer he picked up everything mentally. There are some things they were stressing last year and it was the opposite of what we do and teach. Mark Brunell was from another environment that was closer to what we're asking. Maybe that was a part of it. But for Patrick to sit and watch films and studying, you learn when you do that. Hopefully it's been something that moves him along ad more comfortable. We'll mvoe him along and get him more comfortable with what he's doing.''

. . . Receiver Rod Gardner suffered a mild ankle sprain in practice and went inside for treatment. But he was walking fine afterward and should return to practice either Thursday or Friday. He's listed as probable.

. . . Fred Smoot wore a little cast on his hand to protect a sprained finger.

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