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November 21, 2004

Introducing Gameblog

I'm going to try something different today for the Redskins-Eagles game. During the game, I am going to keep a running blog with some comments and details about what's going on. This can serve to fill in some blanks for those of you who are trying to follow the game through places like ESPN or and might be of interest to some who are watching on TV.

I'll post at the end of each quarter at a minimum. On, the place this blog originates from, there will be just one story and I'll change the title of it each time I update, ie "Skins-Eagles Gameblog, 1st Quarter", then "Skins-Eagles Gameblog, First Half", etc. Now, in theory, this should make it way through to the syndication partners such as Yahoo! and Fox Sports. It may or may not, so if you're following it this way and you see that the name of the link hasn't changed in a while, click on it anyway and it's probable that the content has been updated.

Of course, everything will be posted to the mirror site at and it will be updated instantly there, so that might be the way to follow it. As always, your comments there are also welcome.

WP: Only Four?

Near the end of an otherwise excellent article about Patrick Ramsey's second chance at the starting job, Nunyo Demaso makes this curious assertion:
Gibbs, who has changed starting quarterbacks only four times as an NFL coach, has not spoken to Ramsey about the long-term stakes for the quarterback.
I'm assuming that he's referring to changes that were not forced by injuries. Here are the "voluntary" Gibbs QB changes that I count:
  • 1987--Doug Williams replaces Jay Schroeder during an 11/15 game vs. Detroit and starts the following week.
  • 1987--Schroeder replaces Williams two weeks later.
  • 1987--Williams replaces Schroeder during final regular-season game and stays in for playoffs
  • 1988--After Williams and Mark Rypien had each replaced the other for injuries, a healthy Rypien was replaced by Williams on 11/27.
  • 1988--Two weeks later Rypien is back on the bench and Williams is put in.
  • 1989--Williams replaces Rypien on 11/5
  • 1990--Stan Humphries replaced Rypien due to injuries; Humphries was replaced by Jeff Rutledge after the latter brought the Redskins back from a 21-point deficit to beat the Lions.
So that's seven, not counting changes made when bringing starters such as Schroeder and Rypien back due to injuries.

Not a big deal, just setting the record straight.

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