Schottenheimer remains undecided

Redskin Park remained amazingly calm today, save for the reporters hanging out waiting for a story that never happened. Mainly because Marty Schottenheimer ended the day the same way he started: as the Redskins' coach. Because so many rumors are being floated, here's a primer on what we have heard:

. . . Schottenheimer is telling people he'd like to have this wrapped up by Friday. But we also know that Schottenheimer doesn't always hit his personal deadlines. And team sources say that Friday isn't any kind of decision day.

. . .Steve Spurrier has talked with the Redskins, but he met with Carolina on Wednesday. He's also booked on several flights to Carolina over the next few days, according to the Winston-Salem Journal. Keep this in mind, too: a Panthers minority owner is on the board of directors at Augusta National. Spurrier, as we all know, is a golf nut.

. . .Bobby Beathard definitely has interest in the job and has spoken with the Redskins. As for whether or not he could work for Snyder, a friend of Beathard's--and someone who worked for him in Washington--said that wouldn't be a problem.

He said Beathard actually would probably command more respect under Snyder than he did under Jack Kent Cooke. Snyder has no problems crushing weak people, but anyone who has a backbone, which Beathard does, is OK with him.

. . . Schottenheimer would be agreeable to hiring a general manager, but surrendering all the power is another matter. He's been through this before: in 1988, the Browns wanted Schottenheimer to fire, or reassign, his brother Kurt, then the special teams coach. They also wanted him to whack the defensive coordinator and hire an offensive coordinator. But Schottenheimer had no problems with the latter, but balked at the former. And quit. Also, the Browns wanted to wrestle control away from Schottenheimer, who had conducted two poor drafts in a row.

. . . Lots of names will be floated as potential replacements. The latest to be floated by at least one paper of choice by Snyder is LSU's Nick Saban. But Saban has been rumored to be Indianapolis' first choice. If he even leaves. Saban just signed an extension at LSU. Besides, if he were to leave, what makes the Redskins job attractive? Especially compared with a team that has Peyton Manning at quarterback.

. . .Bruce Allen, a special assistant in Oakland, said ''there's no truth'' to any stories suggesting he's interested in the Redskins' general manager job.

. . . Some at Redskin Park remain cautiously optimistic that something can be worked out between Snyder and Schottenheimer. All the coach must do is involve Snyder more in the decision making. He did so at season's start, but failed to do it as much later in the season. This team source said they've walked in on pleasant conversations numerous times between the two--even as recently as a week ago.

. . . Few people really know what's going on. One longtime Schottenheimer assistant said there's only two people who truly know: Schottenheimer and Snyder.

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