Gameblog: Skins-Eagles Final

A blow by blow look at the Redskins game vs. Philly.

November 21, 2004


First Quarter

Portis thrown for losses on first two plays. Ramsey's going to have to make them pay for stacking up.

Runs up the middle seem to be more effective, got a first down in two carries up there.

Two Eagle penalties—a holding that converted a third and 18 and a 15-yard face mask on a Ladell Betts run—get the Redskins in field goal position. It appears that the middle of the line is relatively soft, and the Eagles have the speed to get to the outside stuff.

McNabb run turns a second and 22 into a third and four. Good coverage, McNabb was just too quick for Marshall.

Cornelius Griffin is out—couldn't go with hip flexor. Jermaine Haley is starting in his place.

McNabb got an extremely generous spot to convert a third down and seven at the 14 Taylor clotheslined him and the ball was never over the first-down line. There wasn't a good enough angle on subsequent replays to challenge it. That leads to a three-yard TD pass to Chad Lewis.

So far, the Eagles are living on McNabb's legs. And Westbrook probably got forty or so all-purpose yards on that drive.

Those first two drives eat up most of the first quarter. Clear advantage Eagles since they earned all of their yards (save the half yard McNabb was given on the spot on his scramble).

Second Quarter

Another first down for Washington, another five-yard penalty. They overcame the first, but not the second. Two series and no downfield throws, just screens.

The Redskins need to play virtually a perfect game and they need to take a few chances to pull this one out. Not doing well on either front so far.

Thrash downs another one at the one. Now's the chance for the defense to make a play.

McNabb launches a prayer and Pinkston catches it after Smoot falls down for a big gain. It's the kind of play that comes through for you when it's your year.

Jerimaine "Bring on the Pain" Haley gets the D-lineman's triple play. He sacks McNabb, forcing a fumble that he recovers. Big break for Skins to kill the drive for Philly. D-Mac did his scrambling thing, but when he stopped to throw Haley blindsided him, popping the ball loose.

A false start turns a third and three into a third and eight.

Thrash downs another one at the one, but the refs blow the call. Gibbs, for some reason, does not challenge. Touchback.

McNabb takes off on third and eight but is nailed short of the first. With 4:00 to go in the half, TO is truly T-Oh, as in zero catches.

Ramsey is getting some time to throw, he needs to start going a little deeper if it's there.

Randy Thomas getting carted off the field with what looked like a leg injury. Too early to speculate, but I will anyway—it doesn't look good. Lennie Friedman is at right guard in his place. Right hamstring injury, return unlikely, according to Fox sideline reporter.

Skins take shots at the end zone on first and second and goal from the 10. Then there is an odd pass on third down to Coles on the sideline at the six and Skins settle for three to make it 7-6. Nice drive.

Eagles burned at end of half after completing a pass to the Redskins 30. Eagles wanted to spike the ball to set up a FG attempt, but McNabb lined up behind the guard and a false start resulted in the remaining 10 seconds being run off the clock (the same as the end of the game last week for the Skins).

I woulnd't exactly say that the Eagles are being punched in the mouth and don't know how to react, but it's something like that to a lesser degree.

Third Quarter

Back to back sacks of McNabb to open up second half! Wynn (coverage) and Haley (up the middle).

Owens' first catch nets 14, but it's on a third and 19.

Another false start—this time a second and five becomes a second and ten. This one was on Kozlowski.

WR screen was awfully close to being picked off. Skins may end up going to that well once too often and it will cost them six.

Sean Taylor with a spectacular, one-handed interception. He jumped an out route by TO, was knocked down by his own player, got back up and got about a 10-yard interception.

Did nothing with the interception, however with a three and out. The first play, a three-yard loss by Portis, might have been a flea-flicker, but he was hit before he could pitch the ball back to Ramsey.

Redskins clearly are playing not to lose. We'll see if it works or not, but the defense will have to score itself.

Eagles have a drive going, aided by a dumb penalty on Taylor. He gives, he takes away. Westbrook is running very well, they need to stop him.

Philly converts, I think, its third third down of the drive with a 10-yard TD from McNabb to the guy who has two catches now, Owens. He did a dumb calesthenics routine, in case anyone cares. McNabb did a good job with rushers all around him on a short drop. That's why you can't play conservatively against these guys. Springs was guessing outside and TO went inside.

Washington gets good field position near the 40 after s short kick and gets a drive of its own going. It's first and ten at the Philly 20 at the end of the third quarter.

Fourth Quarter>

Going backwards after first and goal at the ten. False start on Brown, hold on Samuels, two incompletes, false start on Samuels. Third and goal at the 30 and Gardner drops the ball. 48-yard FG missed.

Then the Skins lose a challenge on the spot of the ball after Pinkston stepped out of bounds before getting a first down. No real explanation from the zebras, but it certainly looked like he stepped out a good yard before the first down marker.

Then the Eagles convert a third and nine on a pass interference by Smoot. Mitchell may or may not have made the catch, and it was a clearly a good call, but it just goes to show you it's their year.

They got away with a pick on a short TD pass to Westbrook. Owens lined up in the backfield and shielded defenders from the running back. It's illegal, but it's rarely going to get called, especially when, sorry to keep on saying it, it's your year.

It's really bad when your offense looks to be greatly improved, but it's still anemic and there are only six points on the board. They just can't finish off drives. The passing game is pathetically timid, dinks and dunks.

They can't even get three inches on a quarterback sneak. They lose a foot and, thus, their last chance to pull out a miracle win. A few plays later, Philly scores again.

It seems like a long time ago, but the Redskins had first and goal at the ten on the first play of the fourth quarter with a chance to tie the game with a TD and two-point conversion. That series will go down with the penalty on the Portis TD against the Packers as the microcosm of what went wrong with the 2004 Redskins.

There are some who will look at this as a close loss, a good effort. I think it was a horrible effort, and I'm not one of those "if you didn't win, nothing counts" guys either. The Redskins had the Eagles on the ropes and let them get away. And, yes, Philly did its part to punch its way our, but it's as though the Redskins decided to fight with one hand, keeping the other clutched closely to the vest. You just can't win as a big underdog on the road if you play like that.

And, oh, by the way, you can't commit 7 penalties for 71 yards in the second half of a close game and expect things to go your way either.

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