Rookie Diary: Chris Cooley

I've never had a Thanksgiving without some part of my family around. But this time it was just my wife and I and we had Jim Molinaro and Mark Wilson over. It was a little different, but it was nice. Mark actually made some rolls and cheesecake. He's quite the cook. My favorite one? It's a tossup -- he's pretty impressive.

Jim just bought an applie pie from the store.

The nice thing about a day like that is just getting to do stuff together with some guys. I'm probably closer to the other tight ends because that's who you're with and I'll do stuff with them sometimes. But anytime you get a chance to do things with them off the field it's nice. And Jim and Mark have become good friends of mine.

I probably get together with some teammates about once a week or so. I went to an Alan Jackson concert a week ago with Koz, Patrick Ramsey. There were about 10 of us. Usually I'm just with my wife.

It's not a glamorous life. We sometimes joke about that. But it is what I like and I'm comfortable with it. But it's funny because people expect me to have millions of dollars. Even my family. They expect you to have more than you do. That's the biggest misconception.

All I like to do is go to movies, go bowling, golf -- but I don't have enough time for golf. I like bowling and bowl around a 120 -- I can usually keep it out of the gutters. But it's hard because none of the balls in the alleys fit my thumbs so I have to palm the ball.

As for Thanksgiving, I get pretty excited about the turkey. I think we had a 10-pound turkey and ate it all. One thing we didn't do was watch football. I watched some of the Colts game by myself and then when they got here, we ate and then watched a couple TV shows. Then we went and shot paintball guns in my backyard for a couple hours and had paintball contests. It was fun.

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