Interview With Patrick Ramsey

Ramsey talks about Sunday's game vs. the NY Giants.

Q: Has this time been smoother for you, do you feel more ready to really take charge and play well than your first opportunities?

A: Absolutely, I'm significantly more comfortable than I was in my previous opportunity which was against the Giants earlier in the year and just feel a lot better offensively about reading things and knowing where everything is.

Q: People up here talked about how Eli had it tough having to play against two tough defenses, I guess it was the same for you…it's not an easy couple of teams to jump in against?

A: Yeah we did, we had a couple of tough games against Philly and obviously Pittsburgh which were both on the road. They were tests for us and we were able to hang in there for the majority of the game but at the same time we have to find a way to come through there in the end.

Q: How has Coach Gibbs been handling all of this losing?

A: That's a question that I've been asked often and the truth is that Coach Gibbs is pretty much the same all the way through. He's real solid, he's always just consistent and I think that's one thing that you can kind of rely on with him. He has just consistently preached that we just need to get better and find ways to not beat ourselves. That's kind of what he's focused on and really what we all feel he's been pretty accurate about.

Q: When you see the Giants defensive line on tape from the last couple of games do you recognize anything from what you saw in Week Two?

A: That's true, there's not many there but you know what those guys are still playing pretty well. I've been impressed with how they've been able to step in there and do a pretty good job and we're going to have our hands full again on Sunday.

Q: Can you just talk a little bit about what you've gone through as a quarterback; going from a starter to a backup and now back to the starter?

A: It's been kind of a little journey for me and I feel like I've learned in the process. That's the one thing I tried to tell myself, that throughout this when Mark was named the starter and I didn't play well in the preseason I said ‘you know I'm going to try to learn from this and try to get better from this.' I know certainly in our offense that I've gotten better and I'm better able to understand what we're attempting to do so I feel good about that but I think at the same time I need to continue to progress as a quarterback as well. Not just in this offense but as a quarterback overall.

Q: How frustrating of a period was that for you in the beginning of the year?

A: It was pretty frustrating but Mark was out there battling and I'm really out there trying to learn from what's going on and he did a good job out there. I think he's caught a lot of criticism but I think he worked hard out there and I learned a lot from watching him. It was frustrating but at the same time I think it was a process that was necessary for me to go through and hopefully I'll come out on top.

Q: Is there any reason that Clinton hasn't gotten the ball much in the last couple of weeks?

A: None that I'm aware of. That was a big question that I was asked after the game against Pittsburgh. That was a big point of emphasis with the media but the truth is that during the game you don't really evaluate who's in there and who isn't. You don't know if Clinton isn't in there because he may have been nicked a little bit or whatever may have happened. My understanding is that as coach said and I'm sure you've already heard is that we had kind of decided to go a couple of series with Clinton and one with Ladell. When we decided to run the ball we kind of got behind and we weren't able to run the ball but when we did choose to run I think Ladell was usually in the game so I think that's kind of where his touches went.

Q: What specifically do you think you learned that makes you a better quarterback than you were a year ago?

A: I think last year I had a tendency, and sometimes it really helped our team and sometimes it worked out for us, but I think I have a tendency to really force the ball downfield and I think this year I've kind of been coached out of that. I think I kind of showed that early against the Giants this year…I tried to force things downfield and had some bad turnovers that in my opinion cost us the game. I think that that's one thing I certainly learned from and I feel much more confident about as far as just managing the game and taking things that are there and attacking when it's there but if not knowing where to adjust and try to help our team.

Q: Tell me about the desperation of needing and wanting to win this game, I think both teams may share that?

A: Absolutely, that's what I was going to say. It's probably no more than the Giants are desperate right now to win a football game. You're going to watch two teams that are desperately wanting to win and wanting to improve and build upon something so it's big for us but we also come in with an understanding that it's huge for the Giants as well so we know it's going to be a hard fought game.

Q: What would you say has been the problem with the offense?

A: Personally I think that it's just been a lack of consistency. I think we've been really close in a lot of games and I know that's the story that you hear from a lot of teams that aren't successful but the truth is that we really have been close in several of our football games. I don't think we've lost very many by more than seven points so were one big play away from being in these games so yeah it's frustrating but at the same time we know that we just all have to get on the same page. In my opinion that's where it kind of lies. I think we have too many plays where people are on different pages and we're not all hooking up and maybe it's one guy on one play that costs us from getting a big play and then on the nest guy it's another guy, it's a different guy. It's not somebody that's consistently letting us down, I think it's all of us at times and critical times that are kind of messing up but we have to get rid of that and we have to try to make things happen and try to be more consistent.

Q: Is there any difficulty switching from Spurrier's system?

A: I think more so than anything just the mindset that I kind of alluded to earlier. We were going to try to really get the ball downfield with Coach Spurrier and here we're obviously still trying to do so but at the same time not at the expense of the team or at the expense of the play. I think it's maybe a frame of mind, it's maybe a little bit more friendly as far as checking the ball down and things like that. Other than that I think it's been a tough transition for me but I think in the end it's coming along smoothly here lately.

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