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Rookie Sean Taylor pleaded not guilty to a DWI charge in Fairfax County this morning and wants his case tried in court. His courtdate is set for Jan. 5.

Taylor and his attorney wanted the court date after the season because they plan to call Redskins teammates to testify that Taylor was not intoxicated. He was pulled over driving 82 miles an hour and refused a breathalyzer. But, according to the arrest report, he failed a field test.

Taylor did not practice today, but will play Sunday.

''Hopefully it gets worked out the way it's supposed to and it gets rectified,'' Redskins coach Joe Gibbs said.

When asked if they've moved on from the incident, Gibbs said, ''We have. That's in the past.''

Corner Fred Smoot said he wasn't surprised that teammates would be called to testify.

''If he feels that's what he needs is to bring the troops out,'' he said. ''If I'm backed into that corner and I know some people truly know that I wasn't like that, then yeah I'll bring them into it. Just because the law says it's true doesn't mean it is true.''

. . . The story that just won't die: Gibbs is returning next season, as he said once again today. Problem is, he keeps using the word ''intention'' when applying his plans. But there's been no hint of health trouble and those of us who see him on a daily basis haven't seen a decline in his health. Or in his willingness to do the required work.

Gibbs also said he's pleased with the setup of the organization and the relationship he has with the front office and the owner.

Yes, Gibbs thinks he's being tested now. But he's been through tough times in the past.

''Every single time I went through one of those, I was miserable and upset and saying all I want to do is get out of this,'' Gibbs said. ''And 10 years down the road I say, 'That's one of the best periods of my life because I needed to go through that. I'm betting this time is the same deal.''

. . . Injury update: LaVar Arrington (knee) is out; Randy Thomas (hamstring) is doubtful. Neither player practiced today. Phillip Daniels (groin) and Mark Wilson (knee) are questionable. Wilson did not practice. If he can't play, Lennie Friedman will start at guard and Ray Brown will start at center. Cornelius Griffin (hip) and Demetric Evans (ankle) did not practice, but both are listed as probable.

. . . Wondering how owner Dan Snyder has handled the 3-8 mess? Pretty good, say those close to him. They say they haven't heard him utter one negative word about what the coaching staff has done and have only heard him talk about improving the roster for 2005.

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