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A look at the Giants game plus--Who are those guys?

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December 4, 2004

Redskins vs. Giants Bold Predictions

The struggling Redskins get another shot at the team that their current woes started against.

You remember, Week 2, September 19. Washington had beaten Tampa Bay in the season opener a week earlier and was coming in to play a Giants team that had been noncompetitive in losing to Philadelphia. On their first drive, the Redskins moved smartly downfield as Clinton Portis rushed for 24 yards and Mark Brunell launched accurate passes to Laveranues Coles, Sellers and, finally Cooley for the touchdown.

A couple of possessions later, early in the second quarter, the defense stoped New York on a fourth and one at the Redskins 35. The Redskins were getting ready to go on a roll and put the Giants in a big hole.

But on third down Brunell fumbled and Michael Strahan recovered at the Washington 38. On the next play, Kurt Warner went from being a broken-down has-been to a comeback player of the year candidate as he launched a touchdown pass to tie the game. On the next Washington possession, Coles lost 16 yards on an end around. After the teams exchanged punts, Portis fumbled for the first time in forever and the Giants recovered and took it in for the touchdown.

The tone had been set and Redskins' season has been going downhill ever since.

The Giants, on the other hand, used that game as a springboard as they won three of their next four games. It's been a hard landing back to earth as they have lost their last four straight.

The ironic aspect of that September meeting was that the Redskins turned the ball over seven times and were still in the game well into the fourth quarter. Had they turned the ball over "just" six times, or perhaps five, they probably would have won the game.

Patrick Ramsey, who came in after Brunell injured his hamstring in the second half, accounted for three of those turnovers as he tossed a trio of interceptions. That performance, many theorize, is why Gibbs was so reluctant to bench Brunell even when the veteran was posting single-digit completions and double-digit passing yardage week after week. If that's true, and there certainly seems to be a good deal of logic there, that September game had repercussions for the team that lasted well into November.

Ramsey is now the starter for the Redskins. The Giants have benched Warner and have made rookie Eli Manning their starter. In Manning's limited action, he's completed about 39% of his passes for about 5.6 yards per attempt with one touchdown and four interceptions. In other words, the Redskins should be very afraid.

This isn't Jonathan Quinn they're facing. It's the first overall pick in the draft, son of Archie, brother of Peyton. It seems to me that it's in their third start that a lot of quarterbacks start to get it. The speed of the game is not longer such a shock, they've had a couple of week's worth of their own game films to analyze and they start to develop some rhythm.

Now, am I saying that Manning is going to throw for 350 yards and four touchdowns? No, but the Redskins had better be prepared to face a better, more confident quarterback than they're seeing on film.

Ramsey, meanwhile, has to come up big. His low output in his first two starts was excused by the fact that the games were on the road against two of the NFL's three best teams. Now they're at home, facing a beaten-up outfit. Strahan is out along with two other d-line starters. Their secondary wasn't that good to begin with and it's banged up as well.

If Patrick Ramsey is going to be the quarterback of the team's future, that future starts now.

So, a lot of theorizing so far; now, down to some predictions:
  • Tiki Barber, just like in the first meeting, won't find much running room. He ran for just 42 yards, one of his lowest outputs of a season in which he's averaging over 100 yards per game. Put him down for another 42 yards and a (rare for this season) fumble.
  • That will make it tough going for Manning, but even though Gregg Williams will bring the house at him and pressure and confuse him, I don't think that the rookie will fold. He won't lead them to a win, but he won't be the reason that they lose.
  • Ramsey will have one of his best games. He'll have time to throw and will be able to connect on one or two bombs, assuming that the receivers can gather in balls that are in their hands. If things go well, he won't have to pass that often so he won't have a big yardage total. Let's say he passes about 20 times for right around 200 yards and two TD's.
  • Portis will not be complaining about a lack of work after this one. Thirty carries, 125 yards.
This time, the Redskins will do it right. The first time they get the ball they will march in for a touchdown. Then they will keep that lead for the rest of the day.

Redskins 24, Giants 10

Thomas Will Start

According to sources at Redskins Park:
"Randy Thomas made it through another practice today and will start at right guard against NY on Sunday.

Gibbs added that Randy Thomas is a'tough sucker' and 'those will be the kind of guys we build around'"

Giants' Injury Woes

There was more on the Giants' injury situation in theNew York Daily News:
"With DE Chuck Wiley on injured reserve with a torn ACL, the Giants signed veteran Regan Upshaw, a 6-4, 265-pounder who was with the Redskins last season and played six games for Coughlin in Jacksonville in 1999. They also waived OL Marques Sullivan and activated DT Davern Williams from the practice squad.

Wiley is the 12th player to be placed on injured reserve by the Giants - the same number they had all of last season, which led Coughlin to call the situation a 'cancer' that 'has to be corrected.'

The truth is, the 'injury factor,' as he called it, has gotten worse under Coughlin and there's still a long way to go. The Giants have actually already lost 13 players for the season when you count G Rich Seubert, who is on the physically-unable-to-perform list. And there is a chance that number will increase to 14 if they decide the swelling in DE Lorenzo Bromell's knee is bad enough to end his season, too."
The Redskins have eight players in IR. Three of them were projected starters in Jon Jansen, Matt Bowen, and Mike Barrow plus reserves and role players John Simon, Khary Campbell, Andre Lott, Chad Morton, and Dennard Wilson.

New York's Thinning Blue Line

There is nothing more devastating to a football team than multiple injuries at the same position. That's what the Giants are facing on their defensive line. From the New York Post:
"Only one member of the line that started the season, tackle Fred Robbins, will be available for Sunday's game against the Redskins at FedEx Field. Even backups are getting prematurely cut down. Veterans off the street are getting signed, and youngsters with no previous experience are getting time.

The only thing fearsome about this foursome is finding enough healthy bodies to take the field."
Of course, no sympathy will be extended and the Giants certainly don't expect any. The offensive line that will be facing that depleted unit will be missing 40% of its expected starters, assuming that Randy Thomas is still out with his hamstring injury.

Who Are These Guys?

In last week's Gameblog (which, by the way, won't be going the next two weeks as I go to the home games) I asked, "Who are these guys" when watching the play of Ryan Boschetti and Chris Clemons agains the Steelers. Paul Woody answered my questions in this morning's Times-Dispatch
"Ryan Boschetti, for instance, is a rookie free agent. When he finished at UCLA, no one believed he was worth a draft choice. The Redskins signed him, but then didn't believe he was worth a roster spot when training camp ended, and they cut him. But they did put him on their practice squad.

And last week, when the Redskins had two roster spots open, Boschetti was promoted to fill one of them.

Sunday against Pittsburgh, the team many think is the class of the NFL this season, Boschetti had four tackles.

Chris Clemons, who spent last year on the Redskins' injured reserve list, then was cut in training camp this season, was on the Cleveland Browns' practice squad for six weeks. Facing a shortage of linebackers with Mike Barrow on injured reserve and LaVar Arrington out with a knee problem, the Redskins offered Clemons a job.

He accepted. Sunday against Pittsburgh, Clemons had a sack and a quarterback pressure."

Those two players, along with such Pro Bowl perennials as Joe Salave'a, Brandon Noble, Demetric Evans and Lemar Marshall, are major contributors on the NFL's second-ranked defense.
Gregg Williams and his staff have done some amazing work.

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