Q & A With: Marcus Washington

The Redskins' defense, though it was ranked tops in the NFC, only managed one player in the Pro Bowl. Marcus Washington did so, validating his offseason signing with Washington.

Q: What are your thoughts on making the Pro Bowl?

A: It's an honor. Although it's been a tough season for us we're starting to get some things going our way. It's an honor for me that I've been put in a position to make plays. Coach Williams has been very aggressive. It's allowed me to play up to my ability and the defense really fits my personality.

Q: What did you do different this year?

A: I blitzed a lot more. I was able to get into the backfield a lot and create a lot of disruption and mayhem. They gave me an opportunity to blitz and be aggressive. Every linebacker loves to do that and I really love it. I didn't get all the sacks I wanted but I was able to create a lot of confusion.

Q: Where does this fit on your list?

A: As far as personal goals it's at the top. I'm able to be put up there with amazing atheltes, amazing football players. It feels good to see your name up there with some those guys. It's an honor and very exciting.

Q: Are you surprised that only one player off this defense made it?

A: I'm very surprised. That's the only thing that's a bummer because we have some amazing players on defense. Like I said I was happy for me but at the same time it was a bummer. Guys like Antonio and Cornelius, Sean Taylor, Shawn Springs, Fred Smoot. I can go on down the list. It was a bummer that those guys weren't able to share this with me.

Q: Do you think the 5-9 record hurt?

A: I don't know how you explain it. That definitely has something to do with it. Anyone who knows anything about football, they saw it. Cornelius had a heck of a year. Antonio was definitely one of the better linebackers in the league this year. Those guys definitely have my respect.

Q: Do you think your teammates will be motivated after feeling snubbed?

A: I definitely think so. I know what kind of guys we have in the locker room. We have guys who don't have chips on their shoulder, they have blocks on their shoulder. They definitely take it personal.

Q: Were you expecting to make the Pro Bowl?

A: I wasn't really expecting it. It was definitely a personal goal. But you always talk about your personal goals being subordinate to your team goals. You don't go into the season expecting it. I knew coach Williams would put me in a position to make plays.

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