Team Whispers II

The Redskins' defense has overachieved this season, leading a Philadelphia personnel executive to wonder if they won't take a step back in 2005.

That doesn't mean they won't still be good, he said. But he, like many others, said they needed to find a pass-rushing defensive end to limit their reliance on the blitz.

''I would think LaVar would add something there,'' he said.

He also thinks they might need to add another corner, depending on how Walt Harris' health. He's played all season, but he's getting old for a corner (30) and was slowed by offseason knee surgery.

But the guy he was really impressed with was rookie Sean Taylor.

''He's a phenomenally talented guy,'' the executive said. ''He's a guy you're concerned about when you're putting together your game plan. But we tried to use his aggressiveness against him. That's why we took shots downfield. We had shots, we just didn't complete them. I would think he'll get better at this.

''But I know our guys were aware of him. You have to know where he's at on the field. He has the size to be in run support and he's a presence over the middle. It doesn't look like he runs the fastest but he covers a lot of ground and then he can blitz. He's the whole package. But he has to play more disciplined at times. You can get him with pump fakes and double moves.''

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