Rookie Diary: Chris Cooley

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas. I hope we can give you a gift on Sunday against Dallas.

It's funny, but I haven't really paid attention to Christmas this year. It just doesn't feel like Christmas this year. There's always snow at home in Utah and that's always nice. I didn't buy a Christmas tree; I haven't bought anyone a present yet -- I've got to get my wife something. But other than that I'll call them and tell them I'll ship it later.

Growing up, Christmas was always good for me. As a little kid my parents spoiled me. My mom and dad always spent so much money on us and we'd have a big family get together. Both my grandmas live in the same town and all their kids would come back. So there would be around 20 people at each house, with everyone's kids.

One year I got a 10-speed bike and was excited about that. But I also remember one of my uncles worked in a rec center and he'd always give me a box of baseballs, a football and a basketball. That was one of my favorites.

So it's kind of hard to be away on Christmas. And I would just say that because I really can't be part of it all I just haven't felt like having a small Christmas. I'd rather just ignore it.

It's also been a long season and you get worn down. I want to say I've been recharged, but no. It's tough. It's a grind. It's better now that the offense is more productive so that's been more fun. And winning is fun so that's helpful.

It'll never be easy to go through a season. But I'll say this, Sunday will be a good one if we win.

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