Q&A With: Ladell Betts

With Clinton Portis sidelined for the season finale, third-year back Ladell Betts will start, giving him a chance to impress the coaches. And giving fans a chance to see if the offense would have fared much differently without Portis.

Q: What has this year been like for you this year?
A: It hasn't been too bad for me. My main job is to back up Clinton and be there when the coaches call my number. But I'll get the chance to start and hopefully I take advantage of the opportunity.

Q: Has this been frustrating for you? You actually have a higher yards-per-carry than Clinton.
A: You can't look at it like that. But it's frustrating not being out there playing as much. Being a natural competitor, you want to get the chance to play. I'll get my opportunity this weekend.

Q: You seem to be a good fit for this offense. Do you wonder what you could have done given more carries?
A: Who knows. I'd like to think it's a good fit for me. We'll see this weekend. I'll take advantage of the opportunity and show the coaches what I can do.

Q: A lot of people say this game is meaningless for you guys. But isn't there something to play for?
A: No game is meaningless. But it's definitely not meaningless for me. I want to do what I can to help the team win and show the coaches I can play.

Q: Clinton obviously isn't going anywhere. So what's the long-term prognosis for you, can you play here?
A: My job right now is to play here. I'm comfortable with that. I'm ready to be here in the future. Whatever the future holds for me I'm ready, whether it's here or somewhere else. But I'm dedicated to the Redskins.

Q: Would you rather be a third down back or get an occasional full series?
A: I'd prefer to get a series, but I'll do what they ask me to do.

Q: Is Sunday an audition for you?
A: It's definitely an audition. These coaches haven't seen me do it. I'll go out there, try and play hard and put up some numbers.

Q: How does your style fit this offense?
A: I think it fits the offense. I like to get downhill. I like to run between the tackles. We'll find out soon enough.

Q: When you were drafted here, did you envision your career going like this?
A: No. It's hard to envision what you'll do when you get drafted. You have hopes of starting, but sometimes circumstances and things happen. You have to roll with the punches.

Q: You have to accept your role, but isn't it hard knowing your situation?
A: Definitely. I wouldn't be playing football if I didn't have that competitive drive to be number one. I view myself as a number one back. But at the same time if they want me to be here then I want to t be here. I want to be a Redskin as long as I can be. I can't worry about the future. I'll worry about that when it comes.

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