Just what the Skins need: more Vinny

Vinny Cerrato was so well-thought of in the NFL that the only place he could find work this past season was at ESPN, where he has some buddies. And now the Redskins appear intent on bringing him back to the organization.

Boy, watch the titles come now.

Does Dan Snyder want to win? Or does he just want power. If he hires Cerrato it appears the latter would be more correct. Cerrato would be the Redskins' personnel director, but he comes back with baggage. At least Joe Mendes would be there to counter him.

Players and coaches alike were not fond of Cerrato, crediting him with creating a negative atmosphere. Or did you forget Brian Mitchell's many words about him after he fled to Philadelphia?

Cerrato was the main reason for Mitchell's displeasure. Mitchell harped on how it had become hard to trust anyone in the building, blaming it on the new regime, and Cerrato, who has a reputation as a back-stabber.

Remember this: Cerrato thought Mitchell was done. Somewhere, LeCharls McDaniel is still seething.

And Cerrato won't come in all smiles, if he comes. We hear that he isn't keen on Pepper Rodgers' place in the organization. But, as one team source said, that's because Rodgers has become Snyder's right-hand buddy. At Redskin Park, it's all about facetime with the owner.

Cerrato would come back for a couple reasons. One, Snyder never wanted him out in the first place. Marty Schottenheimer fired him and Snyder privately started wondering about his new coach/powerguy.

Two, he can play Snyder's game. That is, hang with him in restaurants, etc. Trust us, one reason that at least one potential GM didn't come to Washington was because he feared that's all Snyder wanted. Someone to schlep around.

Others in the organization say Cerrato isn't just a yes-man. This person would be hard-pressed to convince a lot of people of that. But if he isn't just a yes-man, how on earth did he allow Snyder to go on a luxury shopping spree of players two years ago? Why didn't he tell Snyder that $8 million was too much for Deion Sanders. That's because he does what Snyder tells him. And having Cerrato gives Snyder major input.

Cerrato created a bad stench in the hallways the last time around. It might only get worse this time.

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