It's a safe bet the Redskins will target offensive linemen this offseason. Just listen to the words of one coach, who's not even on offense. <br><br> ''Our line was terrible,'' he told a friend.

And it started at center, a spot that even some players who like Cory Raymer agree was a weak one this season. But don't be surprised if it ends there as there are concerns about depth and maybe even left guard. Some depth concerns would be alleviated at this spot if Ray Brown wins a job this summer. The Redskins considered Brown a ''nice story'' this season. Problem is, everyone else around the league considered him a backup guard -- at best.

Also, from what we've heard, the two young tackles, Jim Molinaro and Mark Wilson, didn't exactly impress their teammates. At least not when it comes to their potential. One said they looked to him to be career backups who probably would bounce around the league for a few years. That's not what the Redskins had in mind.

Also, this coach said other areas the Redskins would target include receiver, defensive line, linebacker and safety -- if only for more depth. That was in no particular order. And that could change over the next few months.

Another area the Redskins must improve at, according to an NFC East personnel executive, is tight end. While this person likes Chris Cooley, he considers Mike Sellers talented but not dependable and Robert Royal is ''a below-average starter.''

This person also would target center, but considers the Redskins' receivers to be fine and doesn't view that as an area in need of an upgrade.

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